5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Setting Up A Garden

5 Tips to Keep In Mind When Setting Up A Garden

Starting a garden is definitely one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can do. Whether you are starting a vegetable garden or planting fragrant floral, you can hugely benefit from getting your hands a bit dirty. Sure, Spring can be a good time to start growing and digging, but you can always start planning even before the snow melts.

Setting up a garden is not really that complicated, especially if you have the right strategies and tips. With that in mind, here are some tips to come up with a magnificent garden. Keep them all in mind!

1. Get an idea

Before you can make things into a reality, you need to have an idea first. The same thing can be said when it comes to setting up a garden. Are you planning to set up a vegetable garden? Or are you more into considering a flower garden? You need to determine exactly what you want to achieve. It could be a garden with a theme or just a simple one. It doesn’t matter really – just come up with an idea. Just a quick tip: Try to start small. Why? That is because it is better to succeed just a little than to completely fail grandly.

2. Pick a place

Setting up a garden does not just have to be in your home. You can always have one, say, in your office. The idea is to pick a place or spot. From there, carefully watch how the sun moves across the area. Let’s say you are an assault & battery lawyer and you like the idea of setting up a flower garden outside your office. Make sure that space receives the right amount of sun. If you think it is too much, then try to pick a different place. Also, the area must be close enough to a water spigot; otherwise, you will have a hard time watering your garden.

3. Clear the ground

Now that you have picked a place, it is time to get rid of the sod covering the space. The latter, in particular, refers to where you plan to plant. If you are fond of quick results, digging out can always be a better idea. But you can still go with a newspaper, as it is easier to smother the area with it. Keep in mind, however, that it could take you four to five months for the compost and paper to completely decompose. If you do not have the patience or luxury to wait, you go back to digging the sod out.

4. Time to improve the soil

It is no secret that soil needs a boost. But hey, it is not that difficult to do. You can always go with organic matter, which is pretty much the simplest solution. All you have to do is add a layer of compost, dry grass clippings, or decayed leaves, just to name a few. Simply leave the organic matter and it should do the work itself. 

5.  Decide whether to dig or not

Digging can loosen the soil, enabling the roots to penetrate much easier. However, doing so while the soil is either too dry or too wet can have adverse effects on your plants. In other words, you should only dig when the soil is saturated enough that it can form a loose ball in your hands and dry enough to fall apart when it drops to the ground. So before you went to selecting and planting pants, make sure that you do this accordingly.

As you can see, setting up a garden is not that difficult. With the right strategy and some tips, you will be able to conquer it in no time!

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