Garden Ideas for a Rental Property

When looking for a rental property, many people require outdoor space to enjoy. A garden can be something that helps people make a decision to become tenants, so making the most of the outside space is key. But what is it that makes a garden attractive to renters? This guide gives you some tips.

Just as with the interior of a property, the outside space needs to be tidy and well maintained. Keep the garden clutter free by having somewhere to store things, such as rubbish bins, or hide them behind an attractive screen. A small shed or lockable unit will give renters somewhere they can store a few tools or a bicycle, and could be another factor in their decision making. Have landlord insurance in place, such as from to cover against loss or damages.

Having a garden that is easy to maintain is also another plus point, as you won’t have to rely on your tenants to have gardening skills to keep it looking nice. Avoid delicate plants and shrubs that need specialist care, and go for robust planting that holds its shape without the need for vigorous pruning. An area of lawn looks nice and offer plenty of opportunities for tenants to relax or for children to play, and is easy to keep neat with a weekly mow during the spring and summer.

An area of patio or another sort of attractive hard standing makes a garden usable in any weather and is great for those summer barbeques and other socializing. A few easy to keep potted plants will make any patio look attractive, and some seating areas will help people visualize themselves enjoying the space.

Make sure the garden is secured with quality fencing all around. This helps give a feeling of privacy for tenants, and it provides a secure boundary that puts off opportunists as well as keeping out wandering dogs.

Keeping the garden simple will not only keep things easy to maintain from a landlord’s point of view but will allow tenants to put their own mark on the space. For example, tenants might want to add their own favorite plants or add structural elements like bird tables or a water feature. By providing a clean garden canvas, your tenants can enjoy making the space their own.

Even in you have a tiny garden or simply a balcony, there are ways you can make it more attractive to renters. Make use of exterior paint to brighten up old concrete and brick, although stay clear of garish colors and opt for whites instead. Wall planters make a nice addition to a small space. You can either plant them yourself with low maintenance plants or let your tenants plant what they want.

When getting a property ready for the rental market, it makes sense to make the most of the outdoor space whether it is a large garden or small yard. This gives tenants more options to consider when choosing a property, helps them visualize the lifestyle they may have when they live there and makes your property more attractive.

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