Garden Design Trends for autumn-winter

Usually, winter presents challenging times to students whose academic calendars are still up and running. But, with websites like my homework done that can help you get through the cold weather with amazing essay write-ups, designing a beautiful garden back at home is always going to be a perfect way of whiling away time.

The challenge

Winter season marks the lowest temperatures in a year’s calendar and planting flowers may be a little tricky if you do not have the right skills to keep them from freezing. And when autumn beckons, it is always that time everyone wants to send flowers to loved ones. From tulips, roses to lilies, there is never a better time, moment and season than autumn to spread love. Thus, it is possible to buy a research paper online on gardening to help with getting started with acing your skills.

Trends for autumn-winter

Do gardening trends change? Well, that is a question many people who want to start growing potted plants such as flowers and vegetables would want to ask. The truth is; trends refer to new things, which sometimes may include recycled news and information, albeit, in a creative way. Now, when it comes to gardening, keeping up with the latest trends even this year, will make your surrounding fancier and even more attractive.

·        Ecological gardening trends

In a world where we are always worried about continued environmental degradation, gardening in 2018 ropes in this concern to set pace for future generations. Award-winning garden designers like James Wyer MSGD agree that new trends include those which are aimed at saving wildlife and conserving the environment. Autumn-Winter design trends factor in a necessity to use locally sourced materials while placing significance on growing native plants.

·        Asymmetry gardening

Polygonal gardening trend epitomized the prior years, but that is no longer the case this year.  It is a contemporary way of planting without paying much attention to structuring. There is a large scale use of indigenous stones whose surfaces and lines of geometry get flattened by plants.

·        Green houses making a comeback

For a long time, everyone thought use of greenhouses to produce own food; fruits and vegetables was slowly fading. However, it is imperative to note that certain trends keeping coming back. UK society of Garden Designers indicate that a trend of growing edible plants in greenhouses is popular this year, and we can expect more people shifting towards the same in Autumn and Winter.

·        A shift to outdoor living space design

James Wyer further indicates that gardeners are shifting to themed garden designs for outdoor living spaces. People who hobby gardening are not only jesting up these structures with ‘plug and play’ pergolas to make them look more or less like summer structures, but, also  by installing heating, lighting and drainage systems.  This is not to mention that outdoor kitchens with built-in grills and entertainment fittings are also becoming popular.

·        Wood accent tiles

Wooden tiles are a popular interior décor trend in 2018, but they are also becoming a popular themed trend for outdoor settings according to James Wyer. Given that they are tough against wear and tear, stain, heat and scratch resistant, porcelain tiles are arguably the best choices for those looking forward to creating a woody effect in outdoor structures.

·        Use of limestone on surfaces

Choosing from a range of warm limestone color pallets for your summer outdoor gardening theme is going to keep every surrounding looking warm all winter. That notwithstanding, it would also bring about a perfect blend with the garden during autumn.  Thus, the use of limestone pallets is a popular trend this year and is set to peak in the coming months.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, from textured pathways, more shrubs, architectural plants to more love for healing indoor plants, gardening in 2018, and especially during winter and autumn is something we can all look forward with enthusiasm. It is time to learn from the experts.

Summary:  Gardening plants and materials such as tulips and limestone respectively are always going to beautify our homes. In this post, learn about 2018 winter-autumn trends that will change your home forever, while also making it the envy of many.

BIO: Alice Yoon is a gardener with many years of experience in helping homeowners design and themes their surroundings to suit every season. She is also an educationist, helping students with their Linguistics help online.

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