How Can I Save Money When Buying a Garden Shed?

How Can I Save Money When Buying a Garden Shed?

The garden shed is a structure that should be in any good garden that has an ounce of self-respect. Some people like to fill their garden sheds with tools, gardening equipment, and other such things that help them look after their house and garden. Others like to just have space where they can open the door, toss something inside, and then forget about it. Well until they need it again, open the shed door and then swear profusely as a ton of stuff that has not been placed in the shed properly falls on them. The point is, garden sheds are very useful. But here today we want to make sure that not only are you getting a shed that is useful. But that you are also getting a shed at the best price possible. 

Shed Saving Tip 1: Look at the Sales, Deals & Special Offers

The amount of garden building retailers out there is pretty incredible. So, there is actually quite a bit of competition out there, a competition that you can use to your advantage. Most of the time the majority of garden building sites will have some kind of sale, super deals, or special offers happening. Now sometimes these deals are inventory that they want gone that they will knock a couple of dollars off, but other times you can actually get some pretty big savings. Also, be sure to have a look in the clearance section. There are some garden building retailers who always have a clearance section on their site so be sure to give it a review. 

Shed Saving Tip 2: Take Your Time

It is most likely that your need for a shed is not a life and death kind of situation. But one way that you can spend more money than you really want to is by jumping the gun and hitting the buy it now button before you have had a good look around. It can be great when after a good hour of searching you find a shed that ticks all the boxes for what you are looking for. But do not rush in. Instead, take your time and look to see if other retailers have the same shed at a lower price. Nothing worse than buyer’s remorse…… well actually there is and that is telling your other half you spent $100 more on a shed than you needed to!

Shed Saving Tip 3: Think About the Materials the Shed Is Made From

A 16 mm thick tongue and groove shiplap cladding shed that is designed by Picasso might be amazing, but it is also going to be very expensive. There are all kinds of sheds out there these days and while a wooden shed is the more traditional kind of shed. We encourage you to think about sheds that are also made from metal and plastic. Or perhaps even a wooden shed that is made a little bit more modestly. There is no need to spend a fortune on a shed as there are plenty of lower-cost alternatives out there.

Shed Saving Tip 4: How Much Space Does One Person Need?

One of the easiest ways to blow out your shed budget is by buying a shed that is much larger than you really need. Have a think about what you will be storing in your shed, what you possibly will be storing in the future, and in general just how much space you really need. Why pay the money for a 10 x 8 shed when all you really need is a 6 x 4 shed or perhaps even smaller? The point that we are trying to make here is that you should not spend more money on space that you do not actually need.

Tip 5: Do Not Get Tricked By Voucher Code Sites!

There are many voucher code sites out there that promise to save you a ton of money, but all they do is waste your time, make you mad, and in general leave you no better off at all. Some sites like WhatShed do actually let you know who offers voucher codes are genuine and who will just waste your time. Voucher codes very rarely do save you money, but if you must try to find one then you are best looking at the garden building retailers’ social media sites. In our experience, it’s best to go directly to the retailers sites rather than looking around for mystical voucher codes that most of the time do not exist.

Tip 6: Do Not Add A Load Of Extras

It may surprise you to know this, but most garden building retailers do not make a ton of profit on garden sheds. That is why many of them try and get you to add on all kinds of extras. Things like locks, extra windows, stronger flooring, a coating of paint and much, much more. It can actually get a bit exhausting not to mention confusing trying to figure out what if any extras you need. Well in all honesty, most of the time a shed is ready to rock and roll once it is installed and many extras while potentially practical not necessary and will just add extra cost to the overall price.

Tip 7: Build It Yourself!

Ok, so this does kind of tie into what we just said before. One of the first extras that most garden building retailers will try and add on is their installation service. Unless you are getting some huge monster of a shed that is 16 x 10, you do not need to be paying for installation service. Installation service can sometimes nearly double the cost of the shed! Who exactly is installing the shed so that it costs over $200 for the installation service, Tommy Walsh? Most sheds are pretty straightforward to install and as long as you have a buddy to help you and a full day then you will be fine and a few hundred pounds better off in the process.

Tip 8: Pressure Treated vs Annual Treatment

This one here is going to require that you do a little bit of math, but it may save you some money in the long run. If a shed is pressure treated then in most cases it is going to cost you a little bit more. But the tradeoff is that it will not require that you purchase a tub of wood treatment and then have to treat the shed on an annual basis thereafter. So have a think about if paying that little bit more upfront is going to save you money in the long run.

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