How to Enhance Your Backyard with landscaper blocks

How to Enhance Your Backyard with landscaper blocks

Looking for ways to improve the appearance and usability of your home’s backyard space? You have many different options. You could choose to use stacked stone. You could go with traditional brick. You might decide on customer concrete. However, landscape blocks offer a lot of versatility and the ability to create just about any sort of aesthetic you might desire.

Raised Bed Gardens/Flower Bed Borders

Besser blocks (or cinder blocks, if you prefer), are quite handy for just about any sort of outdoor project but are very well suited for creating raised beds and as flower bed borders. A single row of blocks can be enough to create a nice, deep raised bed, whether you’re growing flowers or vegetables. Shorter, solid blocks can be used very easily to create borders around your flowerbeds and other areas.


A couple of rows of Besser blocks can be more than enough to create an outdoor firepit where you and your family can relax throughout the year. You’ll want to make sure that the firepit is sturdy, so go with two stacked rows of blocks, plus another row on the outside laid on its side to support the interior stacked rows. With this configuration, you can create spacious fire pits that will stand the test of time, and there’s no need to worry about mortar or anything like that. Just make sure the ground is level before starting.

Retaining Walls

One of the classic uses for Besser blocks is to create retaining walls. Both hollow cast and solid blocks can be used here, although solid blocks are definitely more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll need to follow the same rules for creating a retaining wall with Besser blocks as with any other material – dig out behind where the wall will be built, embed the first layer, keep everything level but slightly angled backward, and then backfill behind the wall for stability.

As Planters

One unique use of Besser blocks is as impromptu flower planters. They can be stacked in unique ways, and the hollow sections can be filled with dirt. You can even use stencils and paint to add a touch of colour to the exterior.

These are just some ways that you can use landscape blocks to enhance your backyard. There are numerous others, from creating rustic seating to supporting outdoor grills, and more.

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