How To Maintain A Healthy Garden

How To Maintain A Healthy Garden

Do you want a healthy and perfect-looking garden? This will take you some time and effort, but the result is definitely worth it. We have some really helpful gardening tips to share with you. Once you go through them, you will know how to maintain your garden properly. So, let’s get started!

Lawn fertilization

Fertilizers contain the basic nutrition that your lawn requires. This way, your lawn will look green and fresh. Fertilization is required annually, once or twice a year will suffice. If the lawn is a busy area with lots of movement, you should add another fertilizing.

The lawn fertilization costs when hiring a service would be around £100 on a monthly basis. Professional gardeners would advise you to fertilize after mowing the lawn. This way, it will be absorbed easily.

Keep in mind that a larger amount than the recommended can burn the roots. If you don’t have the time to handle this, you can hire a service that will do it for you.

Examine plants

Before you plant anything, make sure that it is in perfect condition. You don’t want to introduce a plant that is infested with diseases, so examine everything carefully. You need to check how does a healthy specimen of the certain plant look like. You can search for images on the internet and compare them to the plant that you want to buy. This way, you can see if it is in good condition.

Check for any dead leaves, stems, or insects. Also, make sure that you check the roots too. Healthy roots are firm and white in color.

Do frequent inspections for bugs

You might think that those pesky critters are not a big threat to your lawn. But after reading this, you would want to think twice. Bugs can make holes and aesthetic damage. But they can also spread viruses and plant diseases.

Smart planning

Experienced gardeners take time and effort to plan the type of plants and their location. Only pick plants that are appropriate for the location and time. Make sure that you know which plant loves shade, and which one loves the sun.

Proper position is also important, as you don’t want to crowd your garden. When the plants are tightly put together, the airflow is restricted. This will keep the moisture, which is the number one cause of mold.

Proper watering

Watering might not sound like a big deal to you. However, there are a few rules that you should follow:

  • Water your garden early in the morning. The soil is cool, so the water won’t evaporate quickly.
  • Water the roots of the plants. Avoid wetting the foliage, as this can develop fungus.
  • If you want to use a watering system, avoid sprinklers. Instead, go for fixtures that are close to the roots on the ground.
  • Deep watering will promote deep root growth. Avoid watering for 10 minutes on a daily basis, as this won’t work.

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