How to Move Long Distances with Fragile Plants

How to Move Long Distances with Fragile Plants

When you have a green thumb, your plants can be as important to you as the furniture in your house. But it’s not easy taking care of fragile plants, especially if you are moving a long distance. Relocating with them can be a stressful time for you and the plants.

Fortunately, there are ways you can travel long distances with your fragile plants without them withering on your way there. Here are some tips you can follow when you need to move to a different location with your finicky potted plants.

Use a Moving Company That Cares About Fragile Cargo

The moving company you select is crucial when you’re relocating with delicate plants. This is because some moving companies don’t care about the damages that can occur on route to your destination.

They must know the importance of protecting your unique cargo from damage, being helpful in providing boxes, protective covers and more. These reputable companies, such as Rainbow Movers know how to handle fragile objects from glasses to plants.

Prep Your Plants

A few days before you move, you should prep your plants by trimming dead leaves, removing weeds, re-pot them in clean soil, and water them at the correct intervals. This is to ensure that your plants are strong and healthy enough to withstand long-distance travel that may expose them to high & low temperatures.

Check the Laws of the State you’re Moving To

If you’re moving to a different state, you may have to check their laws on plant species. Your plants may be inspected for pest control and the prohibition of growing certain plant species in these areas. Check the rules and regulations of transporting US plants here.

Use Protective Covers

When you’re transporting plants, you don’t want the stems, leaves, or flowers to get damaged during the move. You also don’t want your plants to get contaminated by dust, pests, or various types of dirt.

You could use thin layers of plastic to cover the plants, but this won’t protect them against falling objects. So perhaps you can place them in a plastic container that has small ventilation holes. Ensure the containers are see-through so the plants can still get a bit of light.

Keep your Plants in a Sturdy Box When you Move

Typically your household cargo will be tied down, so nothing slides around during transportation. But it’s difficult to keep small pot plants together when you move. Place them all in a sturdy box, so they don’t move or fall over when the truck turns sharp corners.

Water Your Plants Before the Move

Ensure you water your plants on the day of the move so they don’t dehydrate on your long journey. Give them some fertilizer as well so they don’t need any regular checks or maintenance while you travel.

Final Thoughts

When you’ve finally reached your destination remove your plants from the truck first and place them in a well-ventilated area. Remove their covers immediately and inspect them for any dieback or dry soil. Spray some water over their leaves and ensure they get some well-deserved sunlight.

Observe your plants over the next few weeks to see if they’ve adjusted well to their new environment. If they can make the move they’ll be strong enough to adjust to your new home.

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