Landscaping Styles to Consider for your Landscape Renovation – Projects

Landscaping Styles to Consider for your Landscape Renovation - Projects

Exploring different landscape styles is an exciting and challenging task for a property owner. Although there are various landscape styles you are free to choose from, changes happen every year, which you need to deal with. Like fashion, the landscape has its own trend of styles that landscape lovers are dying to try.

Since the new year is fast approaching, Landscaping Madison WI is proud to present and give you landscaping styles for the upcoming year. There are different and exciting features you need to know so you can prepare for your new year landscape transformation.

  1. Scandinavian Landscape Style

Scandinavian style includes larger green yards that have single or little plantings. This style also introduces the use of wild plants such as wildflowers, heather, etc., Like a minimalist style, Scandinavian is simple and functional. With stone walkways and original wooden decorations, this style makes it more sensitive to nature and has a natural beauty. Flower beds and hedges are also essential to complete Scandinavian style.

  1. Minimalist Landscape Style

If you want a cozy landscape style that combines the living space and the green environment, opt to have a minimalist design. This style is a perfect example of modern architecture where it blends most on living rooms, kitchens, and patios. Minimalism as a landscape design also gives you the freedom to turn a room into a green zone, without space limitation.

People who are exhausted living in the metro can have a landscape with a minimalist design as it requires only a little care, but it can give you the comfort of having a garden. Minimalism is the simplest yet most functional landscape design.

  1. English Landscape Style

English or classic landscape design is commonly described as wild and has a looser and irregular style. If you want to have this type of landscape style, you might want to focus on the natural side of your garden. Before the English landscape style came, there was a dangerous depiction of nature. To discard and get away with this norm, English style presented a more natural way of appreciating nature. To start with this landscape style, there are a few essential elements you might want to have, such as the following:

  • Cobblestones
  • Natural stones
  • English or classic pots
  • Bridges and benches
  • Panels
  • Bee skep
  • Brick and ruins

It also has some notable features like rolling lawns, lakes, sculptures, grottos, and tree groves. English landscape style is mainly for recreation and meditation; the reason why it is designed naturally.

  1. Japanese Landscape Style

One of the popular landscape designs that you might want to consider this coming year is Japanese style landscape. It is typically designed for peaceful meditation or contemplation. The goal of this style is to provide people with a peaceful and warm place to contemplate. Typically, it has four very important elements such as water, plants, rocks and ornaments. However, in picking designs, you need to ensure that you consider symmetry, balance, symbolism, and the overall scenery. You can consider the following tips if you plan to have a Japanese style of landscape.

  • Opt for natural and simple paving like stones and gravel.
  • Avoid the use of straight and edged lines to your walkways or patios. You can do this by hiding the edges and emphasizing organic shapes.
  • Include stone lanterns and rain chains.
  • Place furniture that will fit perfectly on the garden’s natural look.
  • Design your landscape with bonsai trees, arbors, and Torii gates.
  • Install water features like Koi ponds, and put some bamboo sprouts and basins.
  1. Modern Landscape Style

The sleek and sophisticated style of landscape is perfect this coming year as generations keep on modernizing things. With modern landscape style, you will have the chance to organize and feel you are in control of your yard. The focus will be on the yard’s hardscape rather than on the green zone. You might want to start preparing by finding modern plants, which are green and that have impeccable shape and texture.

Complementing the modern style, you might want to include some cushions, painted walls, or different styles of planters. Likewise, concrete, metal, and wood are the most used materials in this landscaping design. The main goal of this style is to provide contrast. You can do this by considering the color of the wall, and the plants that should provide contrast.

One famous characteristic of modern style is an area planted and paved with greens. For example, a pavement made with concrete or stone with grass or green plants growing in rhymes. For a more effective modern look, include plants that provide an architectural design and textures.

  1. Country Landscape Style

Enhancing rustic architecture is the ideal fit for this style. Although it came from centuries ago, it keeps on adapting to changes that generations bring. For the upcoming year, the country landscape will provide the unique form of a yard. Since everything keeps on modernizing, there is still a space for this traditional style, especially for people who want a country to escape inside their property. If you plan to have this, remember the following tips:

  • Include your yard with gazebos, arbors, picket fencing, antiques, sundials, and stones or brick as paving materials.
  • Consider and allot areas that are for nature and can provide intimate space for you and your family, which can be an extension of your home.
  • It has features like garden rooms, herb yards and terraces.
  • It has no specific design and comes irregularly.

One winning side of the country landscape is its color schemes and planting designs. Likewise, white is the perfect color for furniture or wooden structures. This is because white provides a clear contrast along with other colorful plants.

Are you and your landscape ready for this coming year?

There is always something exciting to look forward to every year, and this time, it is your landscape transformation. It is not bad to give your yard a shot by trying the aforementioned landscape ideas. If you are worried that you might ruin your landscape, you might want to reach out to a professional landscaping company and discuss what you need. They surely have the solution to your problem.

Always choose a landscaping contractor that will value your property and prioritize your preference. Since there are lots of landscape styles available, you might have a dilemma picking the right one for you. But your contractor should give tips and guide you on the right path.

To make things easier for you and your contractor, start searching and exploring various styles that you prefer as early as now. It would be nice if you will find what you really want for your landscape to avoid future problems, and have a smooth sailing landscape transformation.

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    How about covering the buzz about Sustainable Pollinator Gardening, incorporating natives from your local area, as opposed to exotics and selected cultivars? This is getting huge notice all over the blogosphere and social media. Shuns the use of large bland swaths of turf requiring high chemical use and polluting power tools to maintain.
    How to create interesting, inviting, and sustainable gardens is the question, not whether or not to include trendy surfaces or embellishments. Get with it!

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