Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor Garden Fountains

If you have not yet considered an outdoor fountain for your garden, you are missing out on an extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition. Many people have a rigid and out-of-date conception of garden fountains. They do not have to be large and bulky or be the centerpiece of the yard; although that is an option, if you so desire. But there are many more places for them. Outdoor fountains can fill a drab corner, enliven a walkway, accessorize your deck, or elegantly grace the center of your garden.

Why would you want to spend money a garden fountain? There are a wide variety of reasons. If you are interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing garden, nothing will round out your masterpiece like an outdoor fountain. Flowing water contributes to the serenity of a garden, bringing calm and tranquility. Even if you don’t have a beautiful yard, and aren’t interested in doing the work to design one, garden fountains are an easy, effective alternative. They can be centrally placed to draw immediate attention, or located on the periphery to softly enliven the surroundings.

The incredible array of styles and materials makes outdoor fountains even more customizable. Firstly, you will want to consider the size of your garden. If you have a rather large yard, you will want to compliment it with a somewhat larger fountain. However, if you have a small or medium sized yard, you will not want to make it appear even smaller by dwarfing it with an oversized garden fountain. If your yard is extremely small, you may even want to consider a wall fountain, which will take up less space. 

Next, you will want to consider the style of the fountain. You should either choose your outdoor fountain based on your furniture, or vice versa, but definitely ensure that all elements of the garden are compatible with the overall décor. This is especially true for smaller spaces, which are much less forgiving than larger ones. You will also want to consider the plants you choose to surround your fountain; generally, the taller the better. 

Then you will want to select a material. Garden fountains are generally made from fiberglass, wood, copper, porcelain or concrete. If you are going for quality, and price is not a huge consideration, you will want an outdoor fountain made out of concrete or ceramic, which are considered the best. 

Finally, you must consider placement. Hopefully, the material above helped you in deciding which type of fountain you wish to have in your garden. However, if you choose to put your garden fountain on the ground, there is one very important thing to keep in mind. Uneven water flow is one of the most common problems with outdoor fountains when placed on the ground. You can avoid this by placing the fountain on level ground which is completely solid, to avoid sinking.

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Water Fountains, Wall Fountains

            Hanging wall fountains originated in ancient Rome, where they were actually used to bring fresh drinking water to the citizens of that great city. Modern plumbing has made them unnecessary for this use, but a water fountain can still be a visually stunning addition to your home. Adding the calming sound of flowing water to your home can be just the thing you need to bring relaxation and tranquility after a long day.

            A wall fountain can be placed indoors or outdoors, adding to the diverse possibilities of this already very flexible fixture. These types of fountains might also be ideal for families with small children or pets, who would rather have a fountain on the wall than a floor fountain or one of the other types of water fountains. The ability to place them on the wall adds an incredible amount of options when choosing the location of your fountain.

            But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Before you decide where to place your water fountain, you have to choose the style that is right for your needs and desires. You have a wide array of options when choosing your material. Wall fountains are made from slate, copper, stone, stainless steel, glass, among others. Which material you chose will depend on your particular tastes, the existing décor of your home, your budget and how heavy you want your fountain to be. Water fountains also come in a variety of styles such as Asian, Italian, and modern. Your choice will once again probably be dictated by monetary concerns and the style of your house.

            Remember that the weight of your fountain is something you are really going to need to consider. If you can lift heavy objects, have people who can who are willing to help you, or are able to pay for your wall fountain to be moved, than this might not be such a huge consideration. But if you don’t, definitely consider the weight of your new fountain and whether or not you will be able to handle it. The weight of water fountains is dependant on their size and material. A slate fountain is going to weigh considerably more than one made out of copper or acrylic.

            Surrounding your water fountain with plants can create a luscious, living garden environment in your backyard or patio area. Experiment with different colored flowers, which can really augment the beauty of your garden. Wall fountains are extremely versatile. Mix and match styles and materials until you create the perfect ambiance, straight out of your imagination. Be sure to shop around for the fountain that will complement your existing decor.

            Wherever you choose to put your wall fountain, you will not be disappointed. It will immediately improve its surroundings, as well as your feeling of peace and serenity. Water fountains can also enhance your sleep by emanating the deeply relaxing sound of trickling water throughout your bedroom. No other amenity can add these benefits together with the beautiful aesthetics of a fountain.

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