Tomatoes – Did you know?

Tomatoes - Did you know?

Gardening is stuffed full with lore, old wives’ tales, call it what you like. Some of it is quite frankly rubbish, some are uninteresting but useful, and occasionally it is both interesting and useful.

Each month we will give you a snippet from one of these categories. As you get organized to plant your tomatoes, here are six things you might or might not have known about these succulent beauties.

1. The Latin name is Lycopersicon esculentum.

2. Tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables.

3. They originate from Central and South America.

4. They were introduced to Europe by Spanish conquistadors during the early 16th century.

5. They were originally called love apples.

6. They are extremely rich in lycopene which helps you ward off the risk of cancer. But they are also high in potassium which can be dangerous for certain health problems such as renal or kidney trouble.

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