Convolvulus – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Convolvulus - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Convolvulus (kon-volvu-lus)

From the Latin convolvo, to entwine, as some of the species do (Convolvulaceae). A valuable race of plants both annual and perennial, herbaceous or sub-shrubby. Flowers are bell-shaped throughout and highly attractive.

Hardy perennial species cultivated

C. althaeo ides, 1-2 feet, pink flowers, summer.

C. cantabrica, 1 foot, pink flowers, mid to late summer.

C. cneorum, 1-2 feet, silvery leaves, pinkish-white flowers, summer, sub-shrubby, a little tender.

C. incanus, 6 inches, trailing, silvery leaves, bluish-white flowers, summer.

C. mauritanicus, trailing, with blue flowers, summer, hardy in warm places, otherwise a fine plant for a greenhouse hanging basket.

C. tenuissimus, 6 inches, silvery-grey leaves, bright pink flowers, late summer.


These convolvulus can be grown in beds and borders and appreciate good soil and sun. Trailing species may be provided with support if preferred. A sunny, sheltered rock garden is especially suitable for C. cneorum, C. mauritanicus and other dwarf and trailing species. Propagation of hardier kinds is by seed sown out of doors in spring. Strike cuttings of C. cneorum and C. mauritanicus in sandy soil in a frame in July and August. Bottom heat is an advantage.

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