Helxine – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Helxine - Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to grow Helxine

Helxine (helks-in-e)

Derivation uncertain. Possibly from the ancient Greek name for pellitory, a related plant, or from the Latin helix, ivy, since the plant creeps ( Urticaceae). Baby s tears. A genus of a single species from Corsica, H. soleirolii, a nearly hardy creeping perennial with insignificant flowers, grown for its attractive tiny, bright green leaves. It is quick growing and useful for dry walls and among paving stones in mild districts ; it can become invasive but is easily blackened by frost ; however, usually not all the plant is killed. It is particularly useful in cold greenhouses as an edging to staging or in pots or hanging baskets for conservatories. The plant grows about 2-3 inches tall. The varieties ‘Silver Queen , with silver variegated foliage, and ‘Golden Queen with yellow variegation, are also attractive. Cultivation Ordinary garden soil to which a little leafmould has been added at planting time is suitable. Dry banks, rock work, dry walls in sun or shade are all suitable positions. It makes a good pot plant for patios, conservatories or cold greenhouses in a compost of 1 part of loam and 1 part of leafmould. Pot in spring and water moderately. Propagation is easy by division in spring.



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