Silphium – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Silphium - Perennial Plant, How to grow

The ancient Greek name referring to the resinous juice (Compositae). Rosin-wood. A genus of 15 species of hardy perennial plants with the typical composite flower. The sap is resinous, and the plants were introduced from eastern North America.

Species cultivated S. laciniatum, the compass plant, so-called because the leaves often face north and south, 6-8 feet, flowers yellow, July to August. S. perfoliatum, the cup plant, so-called because the leaves are joined together and form a cup round the stem, 4-6 feet, flowers yellow, July.

Cultivation These plants are easily grown in ordinary soil in a sunny border or bed. Planting can be carried out between October and April, and every two or three years the plants should be lifted, divided and replanted. Propagation is by division of the roots, in October or March, or from seed sown in the spring.


How to Grow

Silphium (sil-fee-um)

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