Akebia quinata ( CommonName Not Available )

Akebia quinata is a twining vine, reaching 20 to 40 feet tall, depending on the height of the structure it has to grow up. Also used as a vigorous groundcover. It is deciduous in northern climates, semi-evergreen in warmer climes. New foliage is purplish, matures in summer to an attractive blue-green, and the compound, palmate leaves persist late into fall. Small, fragrant, attractive flowers appear in early spring, but are somewhat lost in the foliage. The fruit is a purple fleshy pod, 2 to 4 inches long, ripening in the fall. Good vine for fast cover on trellises and fences, requires pruning to keep in check. Very adaptable and easy to establish; drought tolerant. Native to China and Korea.

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Cultivar: n/a  
Family: Lardizabalaceae  
Size: Height: 0 ft. to 30 ft.
Width: 0 ft. to 0 ft.  
Plant Category:  
Plant Characteristics:  
Foliage Characteristics:  
Flower Characteristics:  
Flower Color:  


Bloomtime Range: Early Spring to Early Spring  
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9  
AHS Heat Zone: Not defined for this plant  
Light Range: Shade to Full Sun  
pH Range: 5 to 8  
Soil Range: Mostly Sand to Some Clay  
Water Range: Dry to Moist  

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