Nepeta – Perennial Plant, How to grow

How to Grow Nepeta Nepeta (nep-ee-ta) An early Latin name, probably taken from an Italian place name Nepi (Labiatae). A genus of about 150 species of hardy herbaceous perennials and annuals, a few of which are grown partly for their aromatic foliage. Some were once used for their remedial properties. One, grown commonly under the name of N. mussinii, often […]

Catnip for your garden

I subscribe to a lot of gardening magazines.Each one is a bit different, but there are some things that are common to all of them.At least every other month, a reader writes in to Horticulture or Fine Gardening or Garden Design to ask about ways of keeping cats out of the garden.The litany of feline evils is always the same: […]