SCHIZANTHUS – Butterfly flower, Annual Flower Information

The flowers of this plant are a delight to those who admire extreme grace, dainty markings, and fantastic forms. Many flowers have been compared by writers to butterflies, but it is only this one that has received the name of Butterfly flower. The Butterfly weed (Asclepias) and the Butterfly bush (Buddleia) is so-called not because they resemble butterflies, but because […]

IBERIS – Candytuft, Annual Flower Information

IBERIS – Candytuft (Name from Iberia, the ancient name of Spain. The word Candytuft was originally Candia tuft, signifying the tufted plant from Candia) The neat heads of Candytuft bloom are always greatly admired. Many persons confuse this flower with Sweet-alyssum which bears smaller flowers in smaller clusters and has a longer season of bloom. The white Candytuft is most […]

Incarvillea – Perennial Plant, How to grow

Commemorating Pierre d’Incarville (1706-57), a French Jesuit missionary to China (Bignoniaceae). A genus of about 6 species of herbaceous perennials, first introduced in the mid-nineteenth century, hardy or nearly hardy in suitable conditions. Species cultivated I. delavayi, 2 feet, rose-pink trumpet shaped flowers in May and June. I. grandiflora, 14 feet, large, deep rose-red flowers with orange tube, and throat […]