Africa Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Africa Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Africa Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Africa plant hardiness zones for gardeners. This map is based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, and the map covers Africa which ranges from Zone 2a to Zone 10b.

If you live outside North America
You can roughly translate the USDA hardiness zones by finding out how low your area’s temperatures can reach, and then use the chart below to find your corresponding zone.

Zone 1: below -46 C (below -50 F)
Zone 2: -46 to -40 C (-50 to -40 F)
Zone 3: -40 to -34 C (-40 to -30 F)
Zone 4: -34 to -29 C (-30 to -20 F)
Zone 5: -29 to -23 C (-20 to -10 F)
Zone 6: -23 to -18 C (-10 to 0 F)
Zone 7: -18 to -12 C (0 to 10 F)
Zone 8: -12 to -7 C (10 to 20 F)
Zone 9: -7 to -1 C (20 to 30 F)
Zone 10: -1 to 4 C (30 to 40 F)
Zone 11: above 4 C (above 40 F)

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    Marilena Noy

    I clicked on South America and got Africa…


    I checked this page and all the links were correct:

    Which page did you find the bad link?


    Good info I was wondering what hardiness zone Abuja, Nigeria was now I know zone 11-12.

      mbaye lo

      senegal are hardbess zones or

    Ralph Wortley

    I clicked on Africa and got Africa. Thank you for doing this. No cities shown but it seems that Durban and South Coast of Natal, South Africa are 11.

    Carol McLear

    Advice on identifying the hardiness zone for Tenerife Islas de Canarias please

      Frederick Leeth

      Tenerife is Zone 11

    Erik M. / San Diego, CA 10b

    This is great, and a good tool when thinking about your home succulent plants, plus other exotic / tropical plants… this enables one to determine if a plant is TRULY a ‘xeric’ specimen, as many others may claim. As long as you are able to find a plant’s native range (Google or Wiki), you can try to mimic those conditions based on this map. thanks so much!!


    I also clicked on South America and got this page. Bad link was here:

      Frederick Leeth

      I fixed it to point to the correct page. Thank you

    Marie Theres

    What would be the hardiness zone for Israel?
    Thanks so much!

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