The proper procedure of measuring the area of Georgia Sod

There are various steps that homeowners have to take before installing the sod grass in the lawn. The budget should be set, the ground must be prepared and the most important of all is to take the appropriate measurement of the area in which sod has to be laid.

Measuring the area of Georgia Sod

Sometimes buyers of the Georgia Sod make a huge mistake of ordering the wrong quantity of the grass. This happens because they don’t take the proper measurement of the area. So what should be done? The homeowners must follow the below-mentioned proper steps for correct installation.

Make arrangements of the proper Tools

Before you start to measure the lawn; it is best to first arrange for the vital tools that you will need. In order to have a good look at the area you want to lay the sod; you have to take a picture of it from above. The measuring tape is required but you can always use a measuring wheel for larger areas.

The area has to be cleared

Although it is a vital step in the installation of the sod grass is to clear the area from all forms of debris, pebbles, weeds and other pesticide plants. This is also critical when you are going to measure the area because any obstruction can change the measurements.

Measure through the long tape

The lawn that you want to décor can be of various sizes so a very long tape measure has to be used for areas that are larger. Another way to measure the lawn is to use threads and then calculate the area of the sod grass laying.

Other devices can be used

There are other devices as well that can be used to measure the area. The wheel measuring tape is used for extremely large areas of land. The measurements appear in different metrics on the screen. Laser measurement is also an option if you want the calculation to be perfect.

Confirm the measurements taken

For this step you have to get help from a friend or family member. They can check the measurements taken by you to confirm whether the digits takedown are right or not. This is important so that you can order the right quantity of sod grass.

Convert the measurements if required

Sometimes a very different metrics are used by various sod grass dealers and they don’t have a converter on their websites. So you have to find online converters to change the measurement according to the requirements. There are other companies like Atlanta Sod Farms which give the option of diversified measurements.

Note down on a diary or paper

It is always a good idea to write down the measurements you have taken on a paper or dairy. You can also note down the info on various apps and software on the mobile phone or other electronic devices. People make a fool out of themselves and think that their memory is strong but fail.

The shape of the lawn is also important

A lawn may consist of areas that are very distinctly shaped. There can be either a square, rectangle, circle, oval or triangle lawn. There is another possibility that two, three or all shapes are present to make the area of the garden.

A different technique for various geometry shapes

If your lawn is of square or rectangle then it is easy to measure it. But if there is a round, oval or triangle shape in the garden; different strategies are used. For a circle the center point of circle and measure till the edge. All three sides of the triangle are measured.

Use a Sod Grass calculator

If the measuring device measures in meters and the company is selling in inches then a calculator which should be also a convertor must be used. There are various apps and websites that can provide you with this service. So you have to choose wisely and the measurement must be appropriate.

Order a little extra that the measured

Never ever make a mistake of order the exact measurement of the sod grass. Always order a few yards, meters or inches of sod extra. The sod installation experts suggest this because a considerate amount of sod is wasted during the cutting and trimming process of the installation.

You can measure yourself

By using the right tools and equipment buyers can measure the whole area of the lawn. But it has been observed by many that the calculations have been wrong. The lawns that have the shape of square, triangle or rectangle are easier to measure.

Get professional help

There are many Georgia Sod farms in the US that offer the assistance of measuring the lawn of your garden. But point to note here is that hire those companies who are offering this special service for free. The decision of choosing whether to measure it yourself or by a professional is totally up to you.

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