Weed Killer 101: How to Prevent Weeds from Taking Over Your Lawn

grass How to Prevent Weeds from Taking Over Your Lawn

Weeds are the most annoying thing when it comes to taking care of a lawn. It can make your yard look messy and neglected and it can disturb grass and other plants from growing well too.

Have you tried to remove them, but it’s grown back again? Well, that can happen because you didn’t remove it fully and you have left part of its roots in the ground, you are surrounded with non-landscaped areas and the wind brings the seed to your yard or your lawn is not dense enough and there are some empty spots that invite seeds to settle.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are once you decide to get rid of it in order to make your yard attractive again. There are several things that you should try, and you will find them out if you read down this article.

Use chemicals

If you aren’t considering the option of removing the weeds manually, you are probably thinking about applying weed killer on your lawn that will get the job done in an instance. Explore the market and find the various options that exist out there. You will see that there are some not that toxic products that are safe for your environment and pets and some more toxic ones that should be your last alternative. If you decide to get a spray, watch you for the weather and make sure it’s not windy if you don’t want to kill any surrounding plants and flowers.

Pull the weed by hand

The key to getting rid of weed by hand is to remove them completely from the ground. Watch out for roots that may remain in the soil. Be careful to hold the weed to its stem and then pull gently. If the root goes deeper in the ground, use a tool that will loosen the surrounding soil and then pull again. If you are considering buying a special tool that will make the job easier for you, ask for a garden hoe or a winged weeder.

Use a landscape fabric

Have you heard about this method that prevents weed from growing in a wonderful and natural way? Ask at the nearby hardware store for this fabric that blocks the sun and prevents unwanted weeds and plants from growing. It’s great that you can cut holes around the plants that you would love to thrive and that the fabric lets water, air and other nutrients get to the soil. Think about spots that are hard to mow or any flower beds and apply the fabric that it’s a long-lasting solution to your weed problem.

Use a weed preventer

Once you have got rid of the weed it’s the best to use a weed preventer that will keep you safe for at least three months. It can come in the form of granules that you can dispense around flowers, plants, trees and bushes or it can come together with a fertilizer which will give you more benefits at once.

Implement natural methods

These methods work great for areas that are not affected that much with weed. One way is to pour boiling water over the weed which will kill it instantly. Another way is to use vinegar. Vinegar can help you with your weed problems as well, so if you decide to use it make sure you buy one with a higher strength and watch out not to apply it over other plants.

What are your picks?

Have you already tried some of these ways to get rid of weeds and did they prove to be effective? What are you going to use next in order to enjoy your weed-free lawn?

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    Johnathan Davey

    Dude, weeds are an absolute killer, My Horses eat some of these weeds and more than once I have had to get a vet called out. better of being diligent with your weeding than having to pay top dollar for the horses, lesson learned.

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