Pests and diseases of trees

Pests and diseases of trees Those affecting ornamental trees can be divided into three main classes: disease due to bacterial or fungal action, damage caused by insects and damage caused by animals (including birds). Of the first, the most seriously affected trees are members of the rose family (Bosaceae). Bacterial canker attacks cherries and plums. It is associated with the […]

Trees, Why we plant a tree

We plant trees for their beauty of leaf, whether green in Summer or red in the Autumn; for their bark which becomes particularly fascinating. We plant trees because we love them. Some trees linger in our memories as old friends, from whose branches we have swung and “skinned-the-cat”; under whose cool shade we have rested from play or work. Some trees seem to have moods, changing […]

Trees with Red and purple foliage trees

Placing trees of these colors needs great care, but their colors mingled with the multitude of others in autumn are effective and of great beauty, they do not blend well with the normal greens, particularly if used in quantity. They should therefore be used sparingly in isolation at points where they will inevitably catch the eye. A number have clear […]

Columnar or Fastigiate trees

Columnar or Fastigiate trees To the botanist, the word fastigiate means ‘with parallel, erect, clustered branches’. It has become more widely used in a more generalized sense for trees with narrow crowns. All those mentioned are derived from natural sports and do not come true from seed (if that is produced). They are propagated as cultivars. They generally need careful […]

Decorative bark and good foliage color

Broad-leaved ACER CAPILLIPES Young bark striated with white; young growths coral red, leaves turning crimson in autumn. A. davidii, young bark shiny green, striated with white; leaves usually turn yellow and purple in autumn. Long chains of keys striking. A. griseum,paper bark maple, the outer bark peeling in papery flakes to show the copper-colored inner bark; opening leaves bronze colored, […]


TREES FOR THE SEASHORE (Will withstand strong wind) DECIDUOUS       Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore Maple Acer rubrum. Red Maple Betula papyrifera Paper Birch Carpinus betulus European Hornbearn Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbearn Cratxgus oxyacantha English Hawthorn Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust Platanus occidentalis American Plane Tree Populus alba White Poplar Populus balsamifera Carolina Cottonwood Populus tremuloides Quaking Aspen Prunus maritima Beach […]

Shade trees for the street side.

SHADE TREES FOR STREETS  (Will withstand restricted city conditions) Acer Ginnala (for Narrow Street) Magnolia grandiflora (South) Magnolia Populus alba Bolleana (Narrow Street) White Poplar Populus nigra italica (Narrow Street) Lombardy Poplar Platanus acerifolia London Plane Tree Quercus borealis (Q. rubra) Red Oak Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Quercus falcata (South) Spanish Oak Quercus laurifolia (South) Laurel Oak Quercus macrocarpa Mossycup […]


TREES FOR DRY, SANDY SOIL* Acer campestre — Hedge Maple Acer Ginnala — Amur Maple Acer Negundo — Box Elder Acer tataricum — Tatarian Maple Ailanthus glandulosa — Tree of Heaven Betula alba — European White Birch Betula Maximowicziana — Monarch Birch Betula populifolia — Gray Birch Carya glabra — Pignut Populus alba — White Poplar Populus grandidentata — Largetooth […]


TREES WHICH THRIVE IN VERY WET SOIL DECIDUOUS Acer dasycarpurn. — Silver Maple — Acer Negundo — Box Elder — Acer rubrurn. — Red Maple — Alnus glutinosa — European Alder — Betula lutea — Yellow Birch — Betula nigra — River Birch — Betula populifolia — Gray Birch — Carpinus caroliniana — American Hornbeam — Carya ovata — Shagbark […]

Deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage

Some deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA The tree of heaven has pinnate leaves sometimes 60cm (2ft) long. CATALPA The Indian bean-trees have heart-shaped leaves up to 25cm (l0in). GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS The Kentucky coffee-tree has compound pinnate leaves which may reach lm (aft) long and 60cm (2ft) wide. JUGLANS SIEBOLDIANA The walnuts all have handsome pinnate foliage, but […]