Trees with early flowers

Trees with early flowers ACER OPALUS The Italian maple has yellow flowers in early April. CORNUS MAS This has many small yellow flowers in February. PARROTIA PERSICA This bears very numerous small scarlet tassel-like flowers in February. PRUNUS ‘Accolade’ is a semi-double pink cherry flowering in March; P. conradinae is a cherry with scented white or pinkish flowers in late […]

Evergreen trees Broad-leaved

Evergreen trees Broad-leaved It is as well to remember that these often drop their leaves untidily in summer. ARBUTUS All species and hybrids. BUXUS All species and cultivars. EUCALYPTUS All species. ILEX I. x altaclarensis, I. aquifolium and their cultivars are evergreen hollies. LIGUSTRUM LUCIDUM A species of privet often reaching tree size, has handsome dark green, glossy leaves, and white […]

Weeping trees

Weeping trees Weeping trees are mostly natural sports that must be propagated as cultivars. They are difficult to place on account of their arresting form, and must stand in isolation since much of their beauty lies in the manner in which their branches sweep down to the ground. Nothing should be grown under them. Few trees are more frequently planted […]


TREES FOR THE SEASHORE (Will withstand strong wind) DECIDUOUS       Acer pseudoplatanus Sycamore Maple Acer rubrum. Red Maple Betula papyrifera Paper Birch Carpinus betulus European Hornbearn Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbearn Cratxgus oxyacantha English Hawthorn Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locust Platanus occidentalis American Plane Tree Populus alba White Poplar Populus balsamifera Carolina Cottonwood Populus tremuloides Quaking Aspen Prunus maritima Beach […]

Shade trees for the street side.

SHADE TREES FOR STREETS  (Will withstand restricted city conditions) Acer Ginnala (for Narrow Street) Magnolia grandiflora (South) Magnolia Populus alba Bolleana (Narrow Street) White Poplar Populus nigra italica (Narrow Street) Lombardy Poplar Platanus acerifolia London Plane Tree Quercus borealis (Q. rubra) Red Oak Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Quercus falcata (South) Spanish Oak Quercus laurifolia (South) Laurel Oak Quercus macrocarpa Mossycup […]


  TREES FOR DRY, SANDY SOIL* DECIDUOUS       Acer campestre Hedge Maple Acer Ginnala Amur Maple Acer Negundo Box Elder Acer tataricum Tatarian Maple Ailanthus glandulosa Tree of Heaven Betula alba European White Birch Betula Maximowicziana Monarch Birch Betula populifolia Gray Birch Carya glabra Pignut Populus alba White Poplar Populus grandidentata Largetooth Aspen Populus tremuloides Quaking Aspen Prunus […]

Trees with outstanding inflorescences

Trees with outstanding inflorescences AESCULUS CARNEA The red hybrid horse chestnut is very variable, the cultivar briotii should always be chosen. A. hippocastanum, the common horsechestnut, growing into a very large tree, is well known. The double-flowered baumannii is smaller and does not produce conkers. A. indica, the Indian horse chestnut, has the largest flower spikes of all, pink-flushed, in […]


TREES WHICH THRIVE IN VERY WET SOIL DECIDUOUS       Acer dasycarpurn. Silver Maple Acer Negundo Box Elder Acer rubrurn. Red Maple Alnus glutinosa European Alder Betula lutea Yellow Birch Betula nigra River Birch Betula populifolia Gray Birch Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam Carya ovata Shagbark Hickory Fraxinus caroliniana Water Ash Fraxinus lanceolata Green Ash Gleditsia aquatica Water Locust Larix […]

Deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage

Some deciduous trees with exceptionally handsome foliage AILANTHUS ALTISSIMA The tree of heaven has pinnate leaves sometimes 60cm (2ft) long. CATALPA The Indian bean-trees have heart-shaped leaves up to 25cm (l0in). GYMNOCLADUS DIOICUS The Kentucky coffee-tree has compound pinnate leaves which may reach lm (aft) long and 60cm (2ft) wide. JUGLANS SIEBOLDIANA The walnuts all have handsome pinnate foliage, but […]


TREES WHICH WILL FORM GOOD WINDBREAKS DECIDUOUS       Acer Ginnala Amur Maple Acer Negundo Box Elder Cratxgus mollis Downy Hawthorn Maclura pornifera Osage Orange Morus alba White Mulberry Populus alba White Poplar Populus balsamifera Balsam Poplar Quercus palustris Pin Oak     EVERGREEN       Juniperus virginiana Red Cedar Picea alba Canadian Spruce Picea excelsa Norway Spruce […]