How to Incorporate Garden Elements and View into Your Bathroom Design

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One of the latest bathroom design trends is creating a space that feels more like a retreat. As urban communities become more congested, homeowners crave to bring the outdoors inside through design. Nowadays, we see more designers incorporating garden views and garden elements with bathroom concepts.

The benefits of seamless integration of nature into indoor spaces

Nature helps relieve stress and eases the effects of modern-day life. Adding plants into living spaces improves not only air quality but also provides a connection with the natural surroundings. As more people these days spend an overwhelming amount of time indoors, it’s all the more essential to ensure that your living space accommodates natural elements – and what better way to do it than to have a garden view or a small garden indoors.

But why incorporate a garden design with the bathroom? The reason here is simple – because the bathroom is typically where you spend time relaxing and relieving your stresses after a long day. It’s the same reason why spas and resorts make an effort in designing bathrooms that connect to the outdoors.

In this article, let’s discuss several design ideas that will inspire you to incorporate garden elements into your bathroom’s design.

Bring potted plants in

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for an expensive bathroom remodel. To create a garden-like sanctuary inside your bathroom, all you need to do is invest in the right fixtures. According to JT Spas, a freestanding tub located somewhat in the middle will give you space around to decorate. Use one of the corners to build a tiny indoor garden and the rest for functional items like a rack for your bath essentials. Of course, you’ll need to choose plants that naturally love moisture and thrive well indoors. Our recommendations include potted palms, bromeliads, and colorful caladium. These plants will evoke a tropical feel and create a resort-like ambiance every time you’re taking a bath.

If you prefer a shower instead of a bath, this idea works too. For a more organized approach to decorating your bathroom with potted plants, you can use a layered stand. A stand will allow you to showcase the beauty of certain plants such as pothos ivy, with its trailing luscious leaves. One thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure not to overcrowd the room. You may also want to decorate with elements that complement plants well, such as wood accents and neutral colors.

A room with a view

If you already have a lovely garden outside, why not make the view the focal point of your bathroom? Of course, you need to consider privacy. Modern homes with high fences typically design bathrooms with glass-paneled walls that look out into a lush garden. If this option isn’t possible, you can recreate the feel by replacing your bathroom window. Clear glass is an excellent option as it creates a seamless visual transition from the indoor to the outdoor environment.

Install a living wall

Another excellent idea in creating a garden ambiance inside the bathroom is installing a living wall. It’s relatively low maintenance and is the perfect solution for small spaces. Another benefit of a living wall is that it also acts as an architectural element that makes the room look more modern. It becomes the focal point of the design and creates a visual break from the typical stark, white, and cold interiors of bathrooms.

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