Flowers of the Caucasus Mountains

Flowers of the Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus mountains have great biological and cultural diversity. In the Caucasian region (Circaucasia, Transcaucasia  incl.  the Little Caucasus) the numbers of higher plant species are estimated to 6500 with a significant share of endemic and sub endemic species. There is also a huge cultural diveristy – approx. 170 different nations and languages (!). Concerning landscape and scenic beauty Caucasus belong to the most beautiful mountain in the world. It has dimensions of high Asiatic mountains (the highest peak – Elbrus 5600 m above s.l.) with an extensive glaciation, bears rich and deep forests like some of the mountains on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe and in the same time has predominantly dry and sunny weather in summer.

Despite of this unique combination of favourable natural factors the Caucasus region has been extensively omitted by „plant hunters“ , travellers and rock gardeners from the western countries until now. It is most likely due to the situation in some parts of that region – since 1988 there exist 4 latent war areas there: Nagorny Karabach, Chechenia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. An important reason is also the inaccessibility of the Caucasus Main Range –the more than 1500 km long range is crossed only by two roads accessible for cars, the crest of the mountains can in most cases be achieved only afoot or on a horse or donkey.

There have been no books published containing a significant number of high quality pictures of the Caucasian plants at all until now. The books from the 19. century  written mostly in German and Latin as well as the rich botanical literature from the 20. century written mostly in Russian and Georgian contains mostly drawings of different quality or black and white photographs often suffered on a poor printing quality. The large photographic material collected by many Czech travellers and botanists during their journeys to the Caucasus in the last 20 years makes it now possible to publish a  big  picture book devoted to the beautiful Caucasian mountain flora.

Publication Cover & photos (pdf)

The Flora of the Caucasus, by Vojtech Holubec and Pavel Krivka

Scheduled publication by Delonix Ltd. in June 2005.

Large format (A4), hard cover.

Pre-publication price (paid until 1 of May 2005): 56 €.

The price after publication: 83 €. Listed prices do not include the cost of shipping the book by post ( 7 €). The entire pre-publication price including shipping is 63 € and the price after publication including shipping is 90 €.  Orders by mail or e-mail to the addresses:

Vojtěch Holubec

Sidlistni 210

165 00 Praha 6

Czech Republic


Pavel Křivka
Pod lipami 711
530 03 Pardubice
Czech Republic
Payment:- by cheque sent to the above address.

– by bank transfer to the account no. 157 325 1020 bank code: 0400 (account owner: Vojtěch Holubec; bank name: Zivnostenska banka; Swift Code: ZIBACZPP; IBAN: CZ34 0400 0000 0015 7325 1020.)

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