AARGEMONE – Pricklepoppy (Mexicanpoppy) (Devils-fig), Annual Flower Information

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ARGEMONE Pricklepoppy

(Name derived from argema, a cataract of the eye; refers to supposed medicinal properties)

These prickly-leafed, white and yellow Poppies are very interesting to grow. The white flowered sort (A. grandiflora) is really a perennial, but in the colder northern states it is used as an annual although not as free flowering as the yellow species (A. mexicana). The latter grows 3 feet tall and has white-veined leaves. The flowers appear in early July and continue until freezing weather.

Because of its beautiful variegated leaves, the yellow sort is an excellent foliage plant.

GENERAL. The seedlings are difficult to transplant although they may be lifted when very small if taken up with a ball of soil. The seeds may be sown as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow the seeds thinly so that it will not be necessary to move them. The plants will self-sow and enjoy a sandy, hot place and thrive in adversity.

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