ERYSIMUM Blistercress (Fairy Wall flower), Annual Flower Information

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ERYSIMUM Blistercress (Fairy Wall flower)

(Derived from the Greek words to draw blisters)

Closely related to the Wallflower, the Afghan Blistercress, Erysimum perofskianum, bears most brilliant orange flowers in lengthening terminal racemes. Especially admirable are these annuals in late Summer, when some other subjects are beginning to wane in beauty. E. asperum (arkansanum) is a lighter colored species, usually perennial or biennial, often confused with the above species. Superficially Cheiranthus allioni also is similar but does not bloom the first year from seed.

Where to Plant. useful for borders because of its brilliant orange color, splendid for rockeries and worth cutting, the Blistercress should be more often seen in gardens.

GENERAL. Seeds may be sown indoors in March, although they bloom nicely even when planted in May in the garden. They self-sow and naturalize themselves on gravel slopes.

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