Plant care for GYPSOPHILA Babysbreath, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for GYPSOPHILA  Babysbreath, Annual Flower Information

GYPSOPHILA Babysbreath

(Name derived from gupsos, gypsum; phileo, to love, meaning that it prefers limestone soil)

This is one of the smallest, daintiest flowers of the garden. Two species are commonly grown: Gypsophila elegans and G. muralis, both of which grow 1/2 feet tall, and bear tiny white, pink, and rose-colored flowers upon fine, wiry, much-branched stems.

Where to plant. In the garden, Gypsophila produces a misty appearance wherever it is planted. These flowers can be used to good effect planted at frequent intervals in front of and among other annuals, such as Larkspur, Poppies, and Lupines. They also make a good carpet for Gladiolus and other Summer-blooming bulbs. As cut flowers, they combine handsomely with Sweet Peas and such flowers as need a little foliage to set them off. In arranging flowers with Babysbreath, do not use too much or the result will have a “fussy” too-dressed-up appearance.

GENERAL. The name refers to the fact that the plants prefer limestone soils. The flowers bloom in six weeks from seed sowing, and have but a short blossoming season, for after three weeks they produce their seed and stop flowering. It is well to cut the plants to the soil when the flowers are gathered. Seed should therefore be sown every two or three weeks for a succession of bloom. Some of the seed dropped by the first crop of blossoms will often flower during the season. Thin the plants to stand 8 to 12 inches apart.

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