Plant care for Sweet Alyssum, Annual Flower

Plant care for Sweet Alyssum, Annual Flower


(Name derived from a-not lyssa, rage a myth relates that the plant dispels anger)

The Sweet Alyssum is one of our most beloved white edging plants. Seed catalogs list many varieties of Alyssum maritimum, some being dwarf, tufted plants and others more or less trailing. The Double Sweet Alyssum is widely used by commercial florists for design work. The foliage is heavy and the flowers are showier. A variety known as Lilac Queen bears flowers tinted lilac providing the weather is cool.

Where to Plant. The various sorts are admirably adapted to rock gardens, old-fashioned gardens, pots, hanging baskets and borders around other flowers. They combine well with other flowers in attractive vase arrangements. It is well to buy seed in quantity so that a little may be sown in any space in the garden where other flowers have failed. Some seed may be even sown for Winter bloom in the large pots used for other flowers. The Double Sweet Alyssum is grown along the edge of a Carnation bench.

GENERAL. Sweet Alyssum is a hardy annual. Seed may be sown as soon as the frost has left the soil in early Spring and the plants will bloom in less than six weeks. To have a succession of bloom, cut the plants back at frequent intervals, in which case the plants are induced to branch and to produce a constant display of bloom.

The Double Sweet Alyssum is propagated from cuttings, as it produces no seed. If the seed is sown thinly, but little transplanting will be necessary, although the plants should preferably stand 6 to 8 inches apart.

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