Armeria – Sea Pink, Thrift, Cliff Rose, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Plant information on Armeria maritima

Armeria – Sea Pink, Thrift, Cliff Rose

The Sea Pink is a low growing plant which derived its name from the fact that it grows along the seashore and is pink in color. There are other colors, such as red, deep rosy pink, lilac and white. It grows in dense, low clumps with numerous, narrow, grass-like leaves, all clustered at the base, from which spring the flowers on stiff, wiry stems from 6 inches to 12 inches high. The Sea Pink (Armeria maritima) is the common form. A. Laucheana has crimson flowers while A. cephalotes alba has snowy white flowers. They flower more or less continuously from early Spring until late in Fall.

UTILIZE. The Sea Pinks are invaluable when planted in clumps or for edging. They are also used for pot plants and in the rock garden.

GENERAL. They need a free, well-drained, sandy loam and leaf soil.

PROPAGATION. The more choice varieties are increased by dividing the roots and a good sized plant will furnish hundreds of small divisions. They produce seed and will grow readily from seeds. If the seeds are planted in the Fall, they should be kept in the coldframe and removed to the open ground just as soon as it is in a workable condition. This will enable the plants to get well established before the hot weather arrives.

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