MESEMBRYANTHEMUM . Iceplant or Figmarigold, Annual Flower Information

MESEMBRYANTHEMUM . Iceplant or Figmarigold, Annual Flower Information

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MESEMBRYANTHEMUM Iceplant or Figmarigold

(Name derived from mesembria, mid-day; anthemon, a flower,refers to fact that flowers open in full sunlight)

The Replant (M. cryslallinum) is the most commonly grown representative of this genus. It is a curious plant with thick leaves covered with glistening dots, or ice like globules. The flowers are white or light rose, but not showy. The plants are trailing and seldom more than 6 inches tall.

There are many other Figmarigolds, of which M. pyropeum (lineare) (cataloged as M. tricolor) is a most attractive annual. The flowers are crimson, pink, and white, and 1 1/2 or 2inches across. The plants are trailing and grow 6 inches tall. These are not annuals but are often treated as such.

Where to Plant. These plants are useful for rough spots in the garden, where the soil is dry and the sun is very hot. They are used for edging.

GENERAL. The seeds should be sown either indoors in April, or in the open border when the soil is warm. They require very little water.

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