Annual Flower Garden Design – 8 Plants

Lythrum - Purple Loosestrife, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

I'm so happy you are here!Great simple Annual flower bed design for your yard.

Below and Above a wall

1 . Verbena Crystal (white)
2. Centaurea Dusty Miller
3. Euonymous (evergreen, on wall)
4. Ageratum Blue Mink, and
5. Ageratum Fairy Pink
6. Celosia Yellow Toreador
7. Petunia SnowStorm (under- planting)
8. Geraniums peach pink color

In a level bed
1. Dwarf marigold Lemon Ball
2. Zinnia Liliput white
3. Kochia-for green foliage
4. Marigold Yellow Climax, or
5. Scabiosa Fire King
6. Snapdragon Ginger Red
7. Marigold Man-in-the Moon, or
8. Cleome Helen Campbell.


Annual Flower Garden Design – 8 Plants

Annual Flower Garden Design – 8 Plants

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