Callirhoe – Poppy Mallow, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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Callirhoe – Poppy

The Poppy
Mallow has long, trailing stems with many saucer shaped
or Poppy-shaped flowers. These flowers are borne in
the axils of the leaves and vary in color from rosy
crimson to cherry red and rose, with white centers.
Callirhoe involucrata is the most useful species
and blooms all during the Summer and early Fall. The
leaves are deeply cut and hairy. Height 6 inches to
8 inches.

The Poppy Mallow is good for small borders, or for the
rock garden.

It is of easiest culture, growing rapidly during the
Summer months. It thrives in sunny, dry positions, where
the roots penetrate to a great depth.

These plants exhaust themselves easily and should be
renewed often They are propagated by seeds and cuttings.


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