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Plumbago – Leadwort

Plumbago Larpenlx or
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides is one of the very
late blooming small border plants. Because it is such
a persistent blooming plant from July until freezing
weather in the Winter, it is very much valued at the
time of the year when most other border plants have
finished blooming. Plumbago Larpentae grows about
10 inches or 12, inches high and forms a round, ball-like
mass of dark green, glossy foliage which in the Fall
months is covered with trusses of lovely cobalt-blue
flowers on wiry stems, which last for a long time.

UTILIZE. Plumbago Larpentae
especially useful as a rock garden plant because
the foliage turns a reddish-bronze in Autumn and lasts
so long that, with the deep glossy green foliage of
early Spring, it makes a good all-the-year-round plant.
This perennial is also used in borders and as an edging

GENERAL. In the colder regions
the plants need protection during the Winter. The plants
may be taken from the ground and placed in coldframes.
They grow well in sunny places and in any good garden

PROPAGATION. The plants are
usually propagated by dividing the roots in Spring.

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