5 steps to create a successful garden

5 steps to create a successful garden

Creating a new garden is fun and rewarding but you need to have a clear idea about what you want. Is it going to be a vegetable garden or are you going to plant exotic flowers? Whatever it will be, gardening should bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy. You can start digging and planting in the spring, but you may start planning even in the winter. If you need help, our local Edinburgh gardeners can provide you with a garden-style and you can contact our recommended landscape gardeners from Edinburgh. Here are 5 landscaping steps you have to take to create a beautiful garden.

  1. Choose the types of plants
    Decide whether it’s going to be a vegetable, herb or flower garden. If you’re going to grow flowers, choose if you want annuals that have to be replanted each year or perennials that bloom for a shorter time but grow back every year. You can mix different types or choose only one – it’s up to you. Start gradually and methodologically, and over time, your garden will develop.
  2.  Find a good place
    Choose a place where your plants will get enough sunlight. Most of them need about six hours of it every day. If there’s not much sunlight in your garden, you can grow plants that survive in shaded areas. Some of them are impatiens, bleeding heart, or deadnettle. If you want to know more about which plants need sunlight, ask the staff at a garden center.
  3. Prepare your garden
    Prepare your plot so that it’s ready for planting flowers and vegetables. Dig sod out or smother it with newspapers. Improve the soil by adding a few inches of compost layers or old manure. You can dig it into the soil, but if you can’t do it, leave it on the surface. In a few months, it will be absorbed by the soil.
  4. Choose your plants
    As a gardening enthusiast, you will be excited to go to the garden center and pick plants. There are so many to choose from! You can check plants in catalogs or you can go to the shop and buy whatever catches your eye. Just make sure that plants you chose will develop in your climate, soil, and amount of sunlight on your plot.

    Plants like sunflowers or lettuce grow easily from seed and can be sowed directly in the garden. You can also sow them indoors before winter ends. Plants like kale or pansies can be planted in autumn or late winter because they grow well in the cold.
  5. Take good care of them
    Remember to water plants daily when they are small, otherwise, they’ll dry out. When they are bigger, the amount of water depends on your soil, humidity of your climate, and the frequency of rain. If the plants wilt slightly, it’s a sign they need water. Water them early in the morning so that it doesn’t evaporate.

    Remember to pull weeds regularly and prevent them from coming back by covering the soil with mulch. In shops, you can find different types, like pine needles, bark chips, or cocoa hulls. Choose the one that will be most appropriate for your plants.

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