A Room with a View, How to build

A Room with a View, How to build

A conservatory has many uses, as a garden room, dining room
or even a spare bedroom! Once you have a conservatory you will
want to spend a lot of time in it, so get the location and aspect
just right before you begin. So many people thinking of a conservatory
forget about the garden and then live to regret it!

The Challenge
Living in a modern house, this client knew that a conservatory
would provide the extra space they needed. However, the garden
was fairly small to start with so an imaginative garden design
and landscaping was needed to make maximum use of the remaining
garden. Here you see what can be achieved even if you have a
small garden.

Designing the Garden
In conservatories people spend most of their time sitting down
and facing out, so the view is crucial. Our design made sure
that there was plenty of interest and colour from every viewpoint.
Remember too that you will want a good view in winter, so why
not use evergreen plants with coloured fruits that can be picked
out with lighting.

A curving wall around the conservatory takes advantage of the
available space and curved steps lead up from the newly created
patio, into the garden.

Space may be limited, but the evening sun catches the top corner
of the garden. Another patio there creates a private retreat,
perfect for enjoying a drink on a summer evening. Always try
to build in several areas where you can relax, even in the smallest

The original wall was built of beige coloured brick with blue
header copings. We constructed the new walling in the same way
with similar colours. Make sure that the header bricks are of
engineering quality so that they will not absorb water or be
damaged by frost.

The paving stones were in good condition and did not need replacing,
but they did need a good clean. A high-pressure wash was used
– consider this option, it can save a lot of hard work. After
cleaning the stones they were re-laid with added blue brick
detailing to give more interest. The final pictures show how
we were able to create the illusion of space.

Tips from the Design Team

  • Have the conservatory and the garden designed at the same
    time. This way you will ensure that they complement each
  • Make sure machining and construction work is carried out
    in the garden and conservatory at the same time. Save time
    and money.
  • If you want garden lighting or water pumps, then get the
    cables laid before the conservatory is built so that you
    can have the controls inside without disruption.

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