Ways to Recycle Your Old Furniture into a Fairytale Garden

Everything gets old through time. It includes every living and non-living thing in our world. What do you do with the old stuff? For organics, like fetid buds, weeds, fruits, and vegetables, you turn them into compost. For spoiled food, we throw them on dumpsters, which puts them away on the ground to eventually become fertilizer. How about old things? Old cars go to junkyards to be sold for scrap or get dismantled for spare parts. As for old furniture, most of them end up in landfills.

There are many ways to make use of old furniture. It doesn’t mean that they’re already useless right now because they’re old and tattered. With the right tools and imagination, you can turn these old pieces into wonderful and majestic garden furniture! Here are some Do-It-Yourself projects you can brew:

  • Make a Piano Waterfalls

Bring the old, rusty, dilapidated grand piano out of your stock room. Take off the rusted metal parts and set them aside for recycling or parts. Clean up the inside part and take off the cover. If it needs painting, make sure that the color will match the theme of your garden. Put in colorful potted flowers such as daffodils, lilies, and anemones. Finally, connect it to a water source, then let the water flow over the keys falling into the fountain like a waterfall.

  • Dresser Plant Racks

Use an old dresser for this. Take off the glass parts if it’s broken. Pull out the drawers, and put in the potted petunias, dahlias, and carnations inside. You can also put them on the top board!

Bring out your wrecked bed frame and put it anywhere you like in your garden. Make sure to take off protruding nails and the shabby mattress out. With an array of different plants and flowers, turn this old bed into a flower rack, or you could make it a seedbed for growing turf. Let the vines crawl up the legs, and let it get covered with a variety of vegetation!

  • Turn Old Sinks into Huge Flower Vessels

Make use of your old and tarnished sinks and turn them into flower vessels. Clean it up and shake off the rust, then fill it with garden soil. Plant your favorite florals and place it anywhere in your garden.

  • Bicycle Garden

Do you have an old rusted bike that’s irreparable, and nobody wants to use it anymore? Why not park it inside your garden and lean it next to a post. Hang the flowers all over its braces. If it still has its bicycle basket, put in a pot of honeysuckles or wisterias.

  • Make Grill Planters

Old grills make great planting containers because of their size, shape and their portability (some of them may have wheels.) Fill that old grill with garden soil, and mix it with sand. Sow your favorite succulents and watch them grow as you tend them every day!

  • A Bench Garden

An old garden bench that’s stained and shabby through the years will do the trick! Place it on the part of the garden where a lot of people are going to see it. Put potted tulips and chrysanthemums on the bench itself and accentuate it with tangerine beauties and chocolate vines.

  • Use Old Toilet Bowls for Flower Pots

Instead of disposing of old ceramic toilet bowls, why not reuse it for your garden? Place garden soil inside the bowl and plant hydrangeas or sweet peas. Watch them blossom as you handle your garden. Don’t forget to clean the toilet bowls first!

These gardens are not complete if you can only enjoy them during the daytime. Get some garden lighting to enjoy the sight of your magnum opus at night. A glass of wine, or maybe a cup of tea would be fantastic as you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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