Flower Blossoms Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Flower Blossoms Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Flower Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

While some garden references recommend placing a garden of cutting flowers in a less-than­prominent location, we think this design will look great even after you’ve gathered a good number of flowers. We’ve included some of the longest-blooming, heaviest-producing perennials available, as well as some more unusual varieties to lend drama and originality to your floral creations. The proportions indicated are approximate; feel free to change the shape of the bed or number of plants in each group. You could even make a separate raised bed with timbers or retaining blocks to use as your cutting garden. Whichever type of bed you prepare, work in lots of humus and other organic material to maximize the fertility of your soil. You may also want to plant spring bulbs—Tulips and Daffodils—this fall for additional beauty next year. With good soil, lots of sun, and regular watering, this garden will produce an abundance of cutting flowers all summer long.

helpful hints

  • Bring a bucket of water along to plunge the flowers into as soon as they are cut.
  • Adding a few drops of bleach to the water will keep your flowers looking fresh.
  • Eliminating the Buddleia ‘Sungold’ will make Bounteous Blossoms a Zone 4 collection.
  • Pick the blooms frequently to trigger continuous blooming through the season.


a. Achillea ‘Ballerina’
b. Achilea ‘Moonshine’
c. Anthemis ‘Kelwayi’
d. Buddleia ‘Sungold’
e. Campanula ‘Joan Elliot’
f. Chasmanthium latifolium
g. Coreopsis “Baby Sun’
h. Coreopsis ‘Sunrya’
i. Delphinium ‘Bellamosum’
j. Delphinium ‘Blue Mirror’
k. Delphinium ‘Casa Blanca’
l. Echinacea ‘Magnus’
m. Goniolimon tataricum
n. Heliopsis ‘Summer Sun’
o. Iris ‘New Hybird’
p. Leucanthemum ‘Rinjnsburg Glory’
q. Liatris ‘Floristan white’
r. Liatris ‘Kobold’
s. Malva alcea var. fastigitat.
t. Monarda ‘Gardenview Scarlet’
u. Nepta ‘Six Hills Giant’
v. Penstemon ‘Elfin Pink’
w. Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’
x. Salvia ‘Blue Hill’

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