Perennial Corner Garden Design for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Perennial Corner Garden Design for the home garden, Landscaping designs

This garden, designed as a corner planting, uses durable, easy-to-grow perennials that, once established, will give years of pleasure with little
care. Some, such as Achillea ‘Ballerina, will spread gradually, while others, such as the Grasses, will maintain a slowly enlarging dump for many years. This combination suggests the use of only one woody plant, the Yew, to contrast with the ornamental Grasses. But in warm climates, you may want to use other evergreen plants in place of the Yews. The perennials will be at their best in full sun. While most will endure light shade, they will become more leggy and less showy as the amount of shade increases. And these plants require good drainage; if the soil remains wet for long periods of time, they will not last long. If you’re a busy person who enjoys flowering perennials and may have limited space, this is the garden for you. So plant it, then sit back and relax as you watch your garden grow.

Helpful hints

  • Planting around the sunny side of a mature evergreen tree provides an attractive background for Just Around the Corner.
  • The corner of the deck or a bend in the sidewalk is a perfect location for this collection.
  • Plant a couple of Yews or other evergreens of your choice to provide varying texture and winter interest.
  • Anytime you plant an area of garden next to your foundation, be sure to provide adequate drainage to prevent water damage from irrigation.


corner flower

a. Achillea ‘ballerina’
b. Aster ‘newton pink’
c. Aster ‘wood’s pink’
d. Carex ‘bronze’
e. Eupphobia ‘chameleon’
f. Koeleria glauca
g. Miscanthus ‘gradcillimus’
h. Panicum ‘trailbalzer’
i. Scabiosa ‘pink mist’
j. Thymus pseudolanginosus
k. Tradescantia ‘red cloud’
l. Verbascum ‘flush of white’
m. Veronica ‘alba’
n. Veronica ‘goodness grows’

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