All Year Flower Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

December Gardening

All Year Flower Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

For gardeners who love to bring it home, the Gardener’s Inspiration is a floral designer’s perfect choice. With this selection you will no longer need to rush to the flower shop for that special occasion, but can have blooms to fill every room all summer long! This garden is filled to the brim with some of the most colorful, attractive, and fragrant blooms nature can offer. The scarlet of Bee Balm, golden glades of Anthemis, and deep sapphire of Delphiniums send the color wheel spinning in an astonishing array that spans the perennial spectrum. Now you can make your own floral arrangements with the plants that suit your needs. Gardener’s Inspiration is a compilation of no-fuss, hardy, and easy-to-grow perennials. With this award-winning collection, you will have Bee Balm, Delphinium, Gayfeather, Anemone, and Lamb’s Ears blooming at the same time, and continuing to bloom into early autumn.


Helpful hints

  • Underplant the Ferns with spring bulbs to extend the blooming season of your garden.
  • Deadhead the flower blossoms as soon as they fade to encourage your perennials to produce more flowers.
  • You can attract butterflies and birds to your garden by providing a water source nearby for birds to bathe in and a shallow butterfly basin filled with sand and stones to attract monarchs.
  • Give your garden perennials plenty of space, especially the Monarda, to assure proper ventilation during hot, humid summers.

a. Anemone ‘honorine jobert’
b. Anthemis ‘kelway’
c. Delphinium ‘blue mirror’
d. Delphinium ‘magic fountain dark blue/dark bee’
e. Delphinium ‘magic fountain sky blue’
f. Liatris ‘kobold’
g. Monarda ‘jacob cline’
h. Osmunda cinnamomea
i. Stachys byzantine

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