Front Door Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

Hummingbird Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

A vibrant, open entry arbor covered in fragrant Clematis will not only invite your visitors from the sidewalk into an enchanting garden scene, but also
provide the necessary transition for the paths that lead to and from your undiscovered garden rooms. Connecting a fence to each side of the arbor can also provide a place for vines to climb, as well as to provide a barrier between the house and the street. Be sure to place your arbor in a place that leads to someplace interesting. Once established, Clematis vines are vigorous growers and will sprawl every which way without some seasonal training and pruning. Clematis enjoy having their roots shaded by larger perennials, generous mulching, or ground covers at their feet. The Sky’s the Limit in this garden! It is a lively and playful display that can turn a hot patio into a cool oasis or an unattractive view into an enticing entryway.


Helpful hints

  • Plant your Clematis up against a fence or add a trellis for support.
  • Place the tall Asters in front of the Clematis to help shade its roots.
  • Prune off the spent Clematis flowers to extend the bloom time.
  • Mix in plenty of compost into each planting hole, and your Clematis will continue to grow strong and healthy without added fertilizers.

front door

a. Achillea ‘appleblossom’
b. Alcea ‘singles mix’
c. Aster ‘Winston s. churchill’
d. Aster ‘alma potschke’
e. Campanula ‘bavarian white’
f. Chrysanthemum ‘clara curtis’
g. Clematis ‘carnaby’
h. Clematis ‘polish spirit’
i. Clematis ‘hagley hybird’
j. Clematis ‘vivienne beth currie’
k. Hemerocallis ‘mini stella’
l. Iris ‘variegata’


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