Ants in the Garden

ants in the garden

Ants are unwelcome in the garden for various reasons but chiefly on account of their nest-building activities which interfere with the roots of the plants, often causing death.

They may also be a nuisance on lawns. They are often seen running over plants infested with greenfly to which they are attracted by the sweet honeydew. They may help to spread the greenfly to other plants and they may also encourage root aphids underground.

Under glass or cold frame, they may remove newly-sown seeds. They may also attack ripe fruit. Where possible, the nests should be located and insecticidal dust or liquid should be inserted. The majority of insecticides are effective but should only be used in extreme cases. In garden frames or indoors, a proprietary bait poured on to a piece of glass may be used. Infested seed pans may be plunged to the rim in water. The bases of infested plants may be grease banded to prevent the ants from climbing up. Yes.. apply the ugly grease.

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