How start Gardening

How to get Started in Gardening

No recreation costs so little or gives so much fun and satisfaction as
gardening. A few dollars and ‘ just a little plot of ground starts you. Here
are the basic tools needed for a small garden:

  1. Spade or spading fork.
  2. Hoe for conditioning soil and weeding.
  3. Rake to prepare a fine seedbed and
    keep things neat.
  4. A watering can or a garden hose with
  5. A hand trowel.
    And, if you have a lawn, too, you’ll also need:
  6. A lawn mower
  7. Trimming shears or an edger.
  8. A Plant Food Spreader for feeding and
  9. An Sidespray or other sprayer for lawn
    weed and crab grass control


  1. Good quality tools kept clean and sharp
    make gardening more fun.
  2. There is no economy in cheap seed or
    inferior plants
  3. Simplified feeding-all-purpose
    garden protection and weed killing sprays save time
    and effort for the more pleasant gardening activities


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