14 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Sunroom

14 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Sunroom

A sunroom is a place in your home that you’re supposed to feel relaxed. If you take the time to put together the right decorations, it can even be one of your favorite rooms in your home. There are a few different things you can do, from bringing in new furniture to adjusting the colors. If you’re unsure of where to start, here are a few tips you can try to decorate your sunroom.

1. Add comfortable seats.

Find some chairs that look good to you and feel comfortable, and then place them close together. Placing them close can create more of an intimate atmosphere. If you want to make sure the chairs don’t take up too much space, you can opt for cushioned benches. If you want to add more leisure to your sunroom, you can also include a cottage-style daybed or plush lounge chairs. Ideally, if you know you’ll be using the sunroom as a space for entertaining guests, put in enough seating to accommodate at least half a dozen people.

2. Center the furniture around a table.

A table provides a spot for everyone to gather around and enjoy doing activities together. You should look for a table that’s low and flat-topped. It should be able to hold a variety of objects such as a cup of coffee, a tray of food, or a stack of playing cards. You want the table to be about the same height as the seating around it. Finding a table that’s the same height will keep your guests from having to reach far for items on the table while seated in the chairs.

3. Add soft accessories.

In addition to having some comfortable seating in your sunroom, consider adding some pillows and hand-knit blankets to create a down-home touch. The key to adding accessories is to feel free to be creative. One idea you could try is putting a hammock in the corner of your sunroom. Another idea you could try is putting cushions on the floor to create an east-Asian style with your seating area. Whatever you choose, soft accessories can help create more of a sense of comfort in a sunroom.

4. Create a rustic feel with garden accessories.

If you really enjoy the look and feel of nature, create an outdoor vibe with repurposed items like planter boxes. You can mirror the appearance of stepping stones by placing a raw stone tabletop in your sunroom. A trickling fountain can be added to be the centerpiece of your outdoor setup. Whenever you have the doors open in your sunroom, it can have the feel of a greenhouse. In addition, you could include rustic objects, such as wooden crates and wheelbarrows, as an alternative to more traditional pieces used to decorate sunrooms.

5. Use new window covers.

Sunrooms are designed specifically to let in a lot of light into the room through large and multiple windows. Given the importance of them in creating a sunroom, it’s equally as important to put a good decoration on your windows. A few examples of window coverings you can consider include retractable mesh screens or sliding drapes. These types of window coverings can be effective in shielding your guests from the late afternoon sunlight. Another idea you might want to consider is window slats. It’s a framed opening with movable horizontal slats that can let in air and light and help block out rain. Choosing window covers is one of the cheapest ways you can decorate your sunroom.

6. Unique lighting

A sunroom may provide a lot of light in the daytime, but once the sun begins to set, it’s good to have an interesting way to light up the room at night. You could have a series of sconces or an overhead light connected to a dimmer switch, so you can adjust the lighting to the level of brightness you desire. There are various styles of light fixtures that you can decide which one fits best with your sunroom. You could also include stringer bulbs, tea lights, or candles to provide enough glow in the room to keep your electric light soft.

7. Durable furniture

You want to have furniture that can continue to look maintained after months and years of using your sunroom. Exposure to the rays of the sun can damage delicate fabrics over time. The damages can include drying, shrinking, and bleaching. The ideal fabric for sunroom furniture is synthetic upholstery, such as polyester and nylon. It can withstand the effects of sunlight, and it’s water-resistant in case of any spills or mildew from a misty morning. Look specifically for patio or outdoor furniture, as these types of furniture are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. You should avoid cotton furniture, as it can fade easily, and also avoid leather furniture because it’s prone to cracking and drying.

8. Don’t overdo your furnishings.

You should want to avoid overdoing the number of furnishings you include in your sunroom. Too many items in your sunroom can feel stuffy and overwhelming to you and your guests. Remember that a sunroom is intended to be a relaxing area. Leave enough room between the chairs and tables to allow your space to feel open. Keep the number of accessories on your windows to a minimum. It’s best to let the outdoor views be the main attraction, as nature is proven to give people a very calming feeling.

9. Try pastels to lighten the room.

Consider using soft shades like robin’s egg blue or powder yellow. They can be easy on the eyes, and also diffuse light well to make a pleasing glowing effect. Feel free to use a muted paint or old furniture that has been reupholstered to give your sunroom a more springtime vibe. As mentioned in the previous tip, the outside is meant to be the main attraction of your sunroom. Sticking to pastel or neutral paint colors will keep the walls from detracting attention away from the view outside.

10. Use contrasting colors.

Mixing up colors can also be a way to make your sunroom stand out more. First, you should start with a particular theme. It can be warm colors, cool colors, earth tones, or any style you desire. After you add the main theme, put in some opposing shades for more visual appeal. It’s good not to use too many similar shades. Additionally, patterns can also be a good way to break up the solid color in your sunroom. You can try patterns such as stripes, polka dots, or floral prints, as they can pair well with conservative layouts and solid colors. Implement the patterns in areas of the room that you think could use a little more energy.

11. Work with natural furniture.

Given you can be as creative as you want with your sunroom, you don’t have to stick plastic or metal-painted furniture. Instead, you can try furniture made out of rich wood or stone. Among the more popular styles of woods used in sunrooms include rattan, wicker, and teak. Pine and cedar are also useful styles to consider, given they’re waterproof and can last long in covered enclosures. In addition to wooden furniture, you might also like including Japanese bamboo water dropper or shell wind chimes as a nice visual, as well as a pleasant sound in your sunroom.

12. Use elegant greenery.

Greenery can be a great way to incorporate some earth tones. Consider placing some large potted plants or floral arrangements in the sunroom. It’s a nice way to keep your guests enjoying the outdoors if rainy days or cold weather prevent them from going outside. The sunroom is also an ideal area of your home to take care of plants because of climate-controlled conditions and an ample amount of light.

13. Put up colorful wall decorations.

The areas around your windows can be lined ornamental wall hangings, cherished photos, or contemporary artwork. If you want to go a more unconventional route, you could hang up chic tapestry or rustic sheet metal signs. Covering the bareness of the walls will provide your guests with something to look at and admire. Some homeowners choose to put up prized family portraits. In addition to covering up the walls, you could also install mounted shelves to hang up oddly-shaped items or other objects you like.

14. Adjust how the sunroom is used.

A sunroom can be used for many functions besides relaxing. You can use it as a dining room, a home theater, an office space, or an exercise room. As an office space, you can add a desk in the corner of the room to do your work. If you want to convert the space into a home theater, hang a big screen TV on the wall with a speaker system. If you just want your sunroom to be a cozy reading getaway, you can simply put a lounge chair with a bookshelf that has your favorite books stored.

A sunroom can be the most relaxing place in your home with the right furniture, colors, and decorations. All of these tips can be a useful way you can go about decorating your sunroom to be one of your favorite places in your home. If you also have an outdoor patio that you’re thinking of upgrading, you can potentially do it through Alumawood patio covers.

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