Plant care for Arctotis, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for Arctotis, Annual Flower Information

ARCTOTIS Bushy Arctotis


(Name derived from arklos-a bear, ous-an ear; refers to shaggy fruit)

The lovely daisylike flowers of Arclolis grandis are useful for cut flowers. The upper sides of the petals are white and the reverse lilac blue, with the center of the flower steel-blue. The foliage is gray-green. Cut blooms last a week, closing each night and even some of the undeveloped buds will open in water. The early shutting of the flowers is a real objection when used for home decoration. The flower stems are often from 10 to 19. inches long, the plants being 2 feet tall.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds either in the open ground or in a hotbed. The seeds germinate in less than a week and the plants will bloom from July until frost. Transplant the seedlings to stand 12 inches to 18 inches apart. The plants prefer full sun.

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