KOCHIA – Summer cypress, Annual Flower Information

KOCHIA   - Summer cypress, Annual Flower Information

Reminding one of a small, symmetrical evergreen, the Summer cypress is commonly seen in gardens. The plants grow quickly and make an upright, compact growth, producing numerous branches covered with fine leaves. There is an objectionable feature that must be mentioned. The plants, in the Autumn, turn a bluish-red, that combines with the colors of few other plants. The plants grow 2 to 2.5 feet high. K. trichophila rather than K. scoparius is the species most commonly listed in catalogs; plants of the former are oval, while those of the latter are pyramidal and more dense.

USE. Early in the season these plants make a rapid growing hedge. Often one desires such an effect if it can be produced quickly.

GENERAL. It is well to soak the seeds in warm water for a day before sowing. They may then be started indoors if the plants are wanted early, although outside sowing is usually practiced. Set the plants 2 feet apart, thus allowing their symmetrical form to develop.

KOCHIA – Summer cypress
(Belvedere) (Mexican Firebush)
(Burning bush)

(Named for W. D. J. Koch, German botanist and author)

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