EUPHORBIA Spurge, Annual Flower Information

EUPHORBIA Spurge (Named for Euphorbus, physician to the King of Mauritania) This is an interesting genus of plants, which give off a milky juice when any part is bruised or broken. The upper leaves are in many cases showy, while the flowers are inconspicuous. It is to this group of plants that the popular Christmas Poinsettia belongs. SPECIES. Painted Spurge […]

EMILIA – Tassel flower, Floras-paintbrush, Annual Flower Information

EMILIA (Cacalia) – Tassel flower (Floras-paintbrush) This brilliant orange and scarlet, rarely yellow, flowered annual is worthy of a place in any garden. It is not large, but the dash of orange color it provides is noticeable. It is often admired for combining in bouquets, and is a splendid rockery subject. The flowers are actually like tassels, borne on long […]


Information on 50+ annual flowers ANNUALS FOR COOL OR SHADY PLACES Anchusa Campanula (Annual Canterbury Bells) Impatiens (Balsam) Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) Omphalodes Nemophila (Love-grove) Cenothera (Evening Primrose) Polygonum


ANNUALS DIFFICULT TO TRANSPLANT (Should be Sown where they are to Flower) California Poppy (Eschscholtzia californica) Evening-primrose (Cenothera Drummondii) Godetia, Whitney (Godetia grandiffora) Gypsophila (Gypsophila elegans) Herb Treemallow (Lavatera trimestris) Laceflower, Blue (Trachymene cmrulea) Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) Lupine (Lupinus) Nasturtium (Tropmolum) Poppy (Papaver) Pricklepoppy, Showy (Argemone grandiflora) Rose Moss (Portulaca. grandiffora) Scarlet Runner (Phaseolus coccineus) Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Sweet Pea […]


ANNUALS FOR POTS IN GREENHOUSE OR CONSERVATORY Browallia speciosa Campanula (Canterbury Bells) Celosia Cobwa Diascia Helipterum (Everlastings) Impatiens (Balsam) lpomcca purpurea (Morning-glory) Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) Penstemon gloxinioides (Beard-tongue) Reseda odorata (Mignonette) Schizanthus (Butterfly Flower) Torenia Trop,Tolum (Nasturtium)   Information on 50+ annual flowers Try growing them form seed Grow annuals for quick color Design 1-   Design 2 – Design 2 […]

TRACHYMENE (Daucus) – Lace flower, Annual Flower Information

TRACHYMENE (Daucus) Lace flower (Name from trachus-rough hymen-a membrane;channels of the fruit) Some few years ago an old favorite annual given the pleasing name of Lace flower was introduced. It is Trachymene caerulea. It is beautiful but does not always succeed as well as the old standbys. The flower heads are made up of small azure flowers produced in umbels […]

LATHYRUS Sweet Peas, Annual Flower Information

The Sweet Peas of our gardens delight us while they provoke us. We sincerely wish that they might bloom for a longer time, yet they are an unqualified joy when they are in flower. Many thoughts arise in the minds of true Sweet Pea lovers. For Instance, Helen Milman, writes: “I think the Sweet Pea is a frivolous flower and […]

KOCHIA – Summer cypress, Annual Flower Information

Reminding one of a small, symmetrical evergreen, the Summer cypress is commonly seen in gardens. The plants grow quickly and make an upright, compact growth, producing numerous branches covered with fine leaves. There is an objectionable feature that must be mentioned. The plants, in the Autumn, turn a bluish-red, that combines with the colors of few other plants. The plants […]

Marigold, Annual Flower Information

Marigold (Tages was an Etruscan god, but perhaps the name is of another derivation) Even the name-Mary’s Gold-captivates us, and what could be more appropriate? The flowers of these old, old favorites are in some varieties veritably made of flakes of gold. How easy it is to be wealthy with Mary’s Gold. The Aztec (African) Marigold (T. erecla) has large […]