Annual Flowers – Try growing them form seed

Try growing them from seed and enjoy a hand in producing miracles of color Classes Annuals may be classified according to the time that their seeds may be safely sown. There are many annuals, which are sometimes known under the rather misleading name of “hardy annuals.” These plants are not hardy in the sense that the plants themselves live through […]

LYCHNIS Campion (Rose-of-heaven), Annual Flower Information

LYCHNIS Campion (Rose-of-heaven) (Greek for lamp, referring to the flame-colored flowers of some species) The various sorts of Lychnis are generally considered to be perennial but several are annual. The Rose-of-heaven, Lychnis coelirosea, often cataloged as Viscaria oculala, is a lovely little annual with crimson, blue, purple, lavender, pink or white flowers. The five petals are slightly notched and the […]

DATURA Floripondio (Trumpet flower), Annual Flower Information

DATURA Floripondio (Trumpet flower) These large-flowered annuals are related to the common Jimson weed. Their flowers are trumpet-shaped, white, purple, or yellow in color, and sometimes 6 inches long. Datura fastuosa (cornucopia) is the common white species. The flowers are often much doubled, in which case they are mere monstrosities. The outside of the petals is frequently washed with an […]

White Annual Flowers

WHITE ANNUALS Ageratum Houstonianurn (Mexican Ageratum) Alyssum maritimurn (Sweet Alyssum) Ammobiurn alaturn (Winged Everlasting) Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon) Arctotis grandis (Bushy Arctotis) Argemone grandiflora (Pricklepoppy) Brachycome iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy) Browallia demissa (elata) Campanula (Annual Canterbury Bells) Centaurea (Royal Sweet-sultan, Cornflower, etc.) Centranthus macrosiphon (Spur-valerian) Chrysanthemum Clarkia Cleome spinosa (Spiderflower) Clintonia pulchella Collinsia bicolor (Chi nese-ho uses) Crepis barbata rubra (Hawkweed) […]


ANNUALS FOR WINDOW AND PORCH BOXES Atzeraturn Lobelia erinus Portulaca (Rosemoss) Verbena ALYSSLuM Maurandia Tagetes signata var. Pumila Vinca rosea (Periwinkle) Browallia speciosa Petunia Thunbergia (Clockvine) Zinnia Centaurea (Dusty Miller) Phlox Tropxolum majus (Nasturtium)

PENTSTEMON – Bearded tongue, Annual Flower Information

PENTSTEMON – Bearded tongue (From Greek for five stamens, the fifth is sterile and bearded) Persons who are familiar with the Gloxinia Pentstemon, Pentstemon gloxinioides, already know its beauty; to others who are not, we would say that the price of a packet of seed is entirely out of proportion to the pleasure of bringing these flowers into bloom. The […]

PANSY, Annual Flower Information

PANSY The Pansy, it would seem, is one of the most alluring of all garden flowers. It’s little faces make most of us laugh when we look at them. The English have given the Pansy many nicknames, such as Call-meto-you, Love-true, Three-faces-under-a-hood, Pink-eyed-John, Tickle-my-fancy, Bird’s-eye, Jump-up-and-kiss-me, God-father, Godmother, Love-in-idleness, Kiss-me-in-the-buttery, Rob-run-the-street, and Heartsease. With such names, it is not strange […]

SALPIGLOSSIS Painted-tongue Scalloped Tube tongue, Annual Flower Information

Were an artist to look upon a Petunia and wish that it had a delicate pattern traced upon its petals, he would create in his mind the Salpiglossis. The funnel-shaped flowers are borne upright upon slender but strong branches two feet tall. The flowers of Salpiglossis sinuala are crimson and gold, yellow and white, darkest maroon, scarlet and gold, violet […]

AGERATUM Mexican Ageratum (Floss flower), Annual Flower

Where to plant. Blue flowers are rather rare among annuals. This is one of the reasons for the great popularity of the Ageratum houstonianum (mexicanum). The flowers are dainty and feathery, often delightfully fragrant, and usually completely cover the plants. There are attractive dwarf, tufted plants as well as tall, upright growers. The dwarfer sorts appear to produce much more […]


ANNUALS AS EVERLASTINGS Acroclinium Catananche (Cupid’s-dart) Gomphrena (Globe- Amaranth) Grasses, Ornamental Helichrysum (Strawflower) Limonium (Statice or Sea-lavender) Rhodanthe Xeranthemum (Immortelle) Information on 50+ annual flowers    Try growing them form seed Grow annuals for quick color