Shade Gardening Plants – Zone 7

Shade Gardening for Zone 7 Plants – Partial Shade & Full Shade

This is a full list of shade plants that will survive a Zone 7 hardiness gardening zone. Each plant contains two links providing growing information, watering needs, flower color, and when it blooms. Enjoy our photos.

Additional Shade plants based on the gardening zone.

Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10
Zone 11

Images sourced by Monrovia. Find more shade plants by selecting Monrovia banner.

One Comment

    John Perry

    hi – I’m a geologist – live in DC (zone 7b) –

    1. have a small southern facing plot (56 x 56 inches) of white roses and would like to surround them with a colorful fragrant plant that can tolerate / thrive full sun –

    2. have a very small backyard patio with a towering elegant crepe myrtle (on the north side of a 3 story townhouse) providing filtered / non-direct sun underneath with several white dwarf azaleas – would also like a colorful fragrant plant since both the back patio screen doors and front screen door provide a cross draft –

    any help would be most appreciated –

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