John Innes Potting Compost

    JI #1 Base 7 parts sterilized loam 3 parts peat 2 parts sand or grit Fertilizer: 4 oz / 8 gallons (3 grams / liter) Lime or chalk: 3/4 oz / 8 gallons ( 0.5 grams / liter) JI #2 Base: Same as 1 but double the Fertilizer and chalk JI #3 Base: Same as 1 but triple […]

Cacti Potting Mix

Cacti Potting Mix 1 part compost 3 parts pumice or grit 1 part coarse builders sad 1 part of fine silt Articles Grow Delphiniums from Seed Container Gardening Recipes Garden Loam Potting Soil John Innes Potting Compost Orchid Potting Mix Cacti Potting Mix Seed Starting Potting mix Alpines Potting Mix Shade Potting Mix Cutting Potting mix A. Knutson Potting mixes […]

Alpine Potting Mix

Alpine Potting Mix 9 parts coarse sand 5 parts peat 4 part pumice Pumice is also used as the top dressing and to provide extra bottom drainage. Provide encapsulated slow-release fertilizer with minor trace elements once a year and repot yearly. Alpine Potting Mix 2   All the plant material coming into the Botanical Garden nursery, whether it is seed, […]

Shade Potting Mix

Shade Potting Mix George Schenk’s recipe for the ideal soil for growing plants in shade. 1 part humus (compost, peat, leaf mold, etc.) 1 part sand 2 parts loamy soil (builder’s or riverside)

Cutting Potting Mix

Cutting Potting mix 1 part peat 1 part sharp sand A. Knutson Cutting mixes Cuttings: I use composted manure mixed with sawdust to root cuttings in — it works great; don’t need rooting hormones. Cutting Potting Mix 2 5 Bushels of Perlite (horticultural grade) 4 Bushels of Peat (Coarse grade) 3 Bags of Aqua Sand (Equivalent to approx. 3 Bushels) […]

How to clean your water pond

As reports come in from Ponders, several people lost some of their larger fish during this long, harsh winter. Many fish died because the ponds froze over and they suffocated to death. With hopes that spring is finally here and the memories of snow behind us, it is time to open our ponds and prepare them for warmer weather. As […]

Submerged Plants

Submerged Plants By the Pond Lady You cannot have a Water Garden without plants. A modest water garden can be contained in a barrel or trough or you can have an elaborate pond with streams, fountains and waterfalls. Which ever one you choose, a combination of plants will not only make it beautiful, but healthy. Aquatic plants play essential roles […]

How to Choose a Pond Site

CHOOSING YOUR POND SITE By the Pond Lady Choosing a location is the most important initial decision in designing your garden pond. Locate the pond in an active area of your yard so that you can enjoy it throughout the year. It is important to situate the pond around your best view of your garden. For instance, if you have […]

Edging Around Ponds

Edging around your pond. Shallow and Bog Gardening Edging your pond will give it a finished look. You can hang a picture on a wall by itself but put a frame around it and you have a masterpiece. This goes for your pond. Put an edge around it and it stands out and calls to you to notice it. Edging […]

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor Garden Fountains If you have not yet considered an outdoor fountain for your garden, you are missing out on an extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition. Many people have a rigid and out-of-date conception of garden fountains. They do not have to be large and bulky or be the centerpiece of the yard; although that is an option, if […]