Garden, Corner

Turn a corner into a beautiful perennial display with the colorful plants Spring Hill has selected for this versatile Corner Garden. While the diagram shows a garden designed to fit into an 8′ x 12′ area, the 14 plants can be arranged in a number of different ways in any area of approximately 96 sq. ft. Whether you use our […]

Garden, Cutting Plan

Garden, Cutting Plan Save Over 26%! The Cutting Grden will help you decorate your home with a bounty of beautiful bouquets. At the same time, you’ll have a colorful garden planting that’s sensational to look at for months on end. And it will get bigger and betterr as years go by. Many perennials are ideal for use in creating stunning […]

Garden, Easy-Care Shade Plan

Garden, Easy-Care Shade Save Over 36%! There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the color and beauty of gorgeous perennials in areas where beds are shaded from the sun. There are many delightful varieties of shade-loving perennials which can be combined to create beds of elegance and charm, provide a long season of floral beauty, and yet won’t require […]

Garden, Entrance Plan

Garden, Entrance Plan Save Over 29%! Say welcome to your visitors with a delightful entrance garden that adds long-lasting color and interest to your home. A continuous display of blooming flowers will give visitors and passersby a cheerful greeting from spring until the blooming season ends in fall–with very little attention on your part. One of the nicest ways to […]

Garden, Fast-Growing Sun Plan

Garden, Fast-Growing Sun Plan Save Over 30%! Though selected for fast growth, this garden will produce an attractive “old-fashioned” appearance. The hardy and prolific Wonder of Staffa Aster is a splendid cultivar of England’s traditional Michaelmas Daisy. Stella de Oro Daylily adds fragrant yellow blooms throughout the summer. Double Hollyhocks are a popular feature of English cottage gardens, as are […]

Garden, Foundation Shade Plan

Garden, Foundation Shade Plan Save Over 30%! This collection combines some appealing leaf shapes and colors that look sensational in shade. The three Ostrich Plume Ferns, with tall, feather-like fronds, and the eight Hostas, with heart-shaped, richly textured leaves, are particularly good companions to the beautiful collection of flowering plants that round out the design. With the proper selection of […]

Garden, Foundation Sun Plan

Garden, Foundation Sun Plan Save Over 26% No part of a landscaping plan is more important than the foundations of your home. Without plantings, they are often the least attractive part of the house. Yet, these areas are the ones most often seen by homeowners and visitors alike. One of the most important things to remember in selecting foudation planting […]

Garden Plans

Finding the perfect garden is easy with our 17 garden plans. You can even purchase the plants to support some of these garden designs. Garden, Ring-a-Round the Tree This garden is a delight in any shady location, with or without a tree. Fills approximately 100 sq. ft. with color and elegance all summer long. Lets take a look now! Garden, […]