How To Grow Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

So you want to know how to grow a GIANT PUMPKIN? If you keep on reading, I will provide you with what’s required to get the job done. Remember, LUCK and a lot of extra work are required to grow a great one. You can do it. I knew of a grower who grew a 70 lbs. pumpkin in his […]

Pumpkin v. Pumpkin

  Along the 43rd parallel in North America, raising pumpkins isn’t just a sleepy backyard pursuit–it’s an extreme sport. And nowhere are the stakes higher, or the intrigues thicker, than at the annual weigh-off of the World Pumpkin Confederation, the Olympics of garden-patch gigantism. By Elizabeth Royte “Most people think I’m an idiot.” That’s Ray Waterman, giant pumpkin impresario, talking […]

Atlantic Giant Pumpkins or Big Pumpkins

Name Size Color gif Halloween.GIF JABA.JPEG photo photo Photo photo photo photo Size chart size chart photo SEP.JPEG SHER.JPEG photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo Photo Photo Photo photo photo photo photo Color pump60.gif Color pump61.gif Color pump62.gif Color pump64.gif Color pump65.gif Colorpump66.gif Color pump67.gif pump68.gif pump69.gif pump79.gif pumpk.gif pumpk.jpeg pumpkin-3.gif pumpkin-light-b2.gif pumpkin1.JPEG pumpkin1.gif pumpkin10.gif pumpkin11.gif pumpkin12.gif […]

Growing Big Pumpkins Part 2

Part 2 on growing big pumpkins Please review these links to see the wonderful pages on Atlantic Giant pumpkins prior to reviewing this page. Join the news group and learn the growing techniques. World Class Giant Pumpkin Homepage Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Homepage     Running Vines One of my plants has begun to “run” while the others have not. How […]

Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Society Inc

  Additional Pumpkin Pages How To Grow – Records – Clipart – Seeds – Poems – Phantom – Carving – Pumpkin Recipes – FAQ’s – How Big is it?   The Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Society Inc was formed last year to coordinate giant pumpkin competitions and promote giant pumpkin growing across Australia by a group of dedicated growers […]

1000 Pounds OR Pie – By Michael Vitez

In their quest for the world’s heavyweight champion, some pumpkin growers will do almost anything. By Michael Vitez:  Don Black lives a four-room house in upstate New York, only a few miles from the Canadian border. To say his House is a bachelor pad is to be polite. Don’s walls are bare – except for a few world-champion pumpkin plaques. […]

Giant Pumpkins Growing Book or Big Pumpkins

We were fortunate to win at Half Moon Bay, California this year. The competition was intense with 80 entries, 10 of which were over 1,000 pounds. The weigh-off is always on Columbus Day. The winner stays until the following weekend to participate in the HMB Pumpkin Festival. Over 250,000 people descend on the small coastal community for the parade, music, […]

Competitive Grower Atlantic Giant Pumpkins 1990- 1995

DILLS ATLANTIC GIANT PUMPKIN 500+ SITES-TOP TEN AVERAGES   It is just as interesting to track the top sites as the top pumpkins. I believe the best way to do this is use the top ten average weight. In 1995 those in the top half of this table were Ottawa, Clackamas, Port Elgin, Sarnia, Windsor, Topsfield, and Oconomowoc. There is […]

Giant Pumpkins

If you would like to know who grew the largest pumpkin this year, or learn how to grow a giant pumpkin that even your dad can’t pick up. This pumpkin patch will provide you all the answers. Just look at the links below for all the great information you can find about pumpkins.