How to make a Traditional St. Briget’s Cross

Below are three methods for making Brigid’s Crosses. Hopefully, one will work best for you. I have to give due credit to the Geocities domain for the source of this material. I just came back from Ireland and I hate to see this lost via the internet. In Gaelic: Cros Bhrighite Rushes is the traditional material for the St. Briget’s Cross. […]

Online Garden Catalogs

The current list of online garden catalogs. We use to have a very large database of garden sites, but due to google and rules, they didn’t like all the linking.  Below are some of my favorite gardening pages. Plant Magazine Plants SeedsSeeds of ItalyExhibition SeedsFlorabunda Seeds Ferry-Morse Seeds Seeds of Change Dominion Seed House Johnny’s Selected Seeds J.W. Jung Pinetree […]

8 CBD Strains for Hemp Farmers

The hemp industry is one that exists upon a very exciting frontier. With the recent legalization of hemp production methods, the demand for hemp flower, genetics and seeds are skyrocketing. Hemp can be used for industrial, agricultural, and personal wellness purposes (as well as many others). If you are hoping to become a hemp farmer, you will need to decide […]

Going Contemporary? Go White Oak Flooring!

White oak flooring is affordable and has longevity.  This, combined with its timeless elegance will translate to comfort and high resale values for your home. Whenever genuine, honest-to-God solid hardwood flooring is mentioned, the most common species that often comes to mind is oak. This gigantic, noble hardwood has been in use for centuries. It was used as flooring by […]

5 Benefits of connecting with other gardeners through a small online community

Even though the internet is inundated with the content useful for gardeners, a closer look reveals that most of the information is overly generic and aimed at large audience groups. Content like that fails to cater to people looking for specific information, as well as the communication that a small and intimate online community can offer. If you believe that […]

The Pacific Northwest Xeriscape Garden

Provided is the list of plants to support a drought tolerant environment. These plants were planted in the spring and required frequent watering until I felt the roots were well established. After all my hard work, the first winter provided wind chills below zero and majority of the new plant growth was killed off. Lessons learned if I knew of […]

Pacific Northwest Perennial Garden

A perennial border is somewhat of a heavy maintenance project. When I started this project, the soil condition was very poor. It consisted of heavy clays and traditional tractor squish em hardpan. Even today when it rains cats and dogs (never in the PNW) the water just runs off to bog garden. To solve the hardpan problem, I amended 40 […]

Pacific Northwest Mediterranean Garden

  The Mediterranean garden is a nice garden which receives the afternoon sun. The soil hear was also very heavy in clay. I lost a lot of plants my first winter due to poor drainage. To resolve this problem, I mounded beds with soil to provide additional drainage. Lots of fun. I hate weeds and I am getting lazy. I […]

The Pacific Northwest Climate Garden

As you well know, the world can communicate and share each others interests as simply as turning on the computer and viewing the feast of information on the WWW. Of course, my current hobby is gardening (family first) which started by buying a home. Don’t be fooled, all gardeners at one time were clueless and each day we continuously learn […]

Traveling in Africa, Africa Travel by foot

Traveling in Africa by foot Enclosed are emails from a relative about his trip in Africa. They are funny. PART 2 —–Original Message—–  From: KwaZuzulwazi Science Centre []  Sent: Thursday, August 28, 1997 4:57 AM  To:’  Subject: unemployed benefits  HELLO!!!!!!!!  I hope all is well with my many 8-5 desk dwelling friends. (Harvard, this doesn’t mean that you’re not […]